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PLS 10k Volunteers

Hi All Its that time of year again. The ballot for PLS 10k race has taken place and those of you not running are invited (or is it cajoled) to offer your services to marshal/help out at the race. This year’s PLS 10k is on Sunday 23rd June and we need as many helpers as possible to make it as brilliant as last year. The following people have already offered to help and I will be in touch with more details nearer the time. If you wish to have a certain role on the day let me know. For those of you that haven't yet offered your services please reply below and I will allocate you a job. The race is only a success because of the brilliant support our PLS members give to those running so put your running shoes aside for a few hours and come along and help. The following are already on my list:
Jo Bruchez-Corbett
Phil Riding
Joe McGlynn (pacer 60 min)
Val Anderton
Debi McMillan (backstop)
Judi Ju Ko (pacer 65 mins)
Claire Marie
Sergeson Billy
Jane Nicholson (would you mind doing the registration desk)
Paula Stewart
Jonny McHale
Claire Meadows
Sarah Simons
Sarah Parsons
Inma Ruiz
Annmarie Williams (Pacer 55mins)
Joanne Edwards (pacer 70 min)
Laura Jones
Bex Dennehy (pacer 75mins)
Diane and Neil Hennigan
Michael Sharkey
Bailey Ewel
Laura Porter
Gary Crockett
Andrew Biddle
Brian Higgins (photos/jetwash)
Karen Culshaw (marshal at red cow)
Wendy Osbourne
Katie Johnson
Carol Holt (start/finish area)
Nigel Foo (do you fancy race angel again)
James Roberts
Jo Harrison (pacer 50min)
Luke Harrison (pacer 45mins)
Thomas Lang
Jon Windle (section 1 leader)
Richard Stafford
Stuart Brandwood
Lou May
Scott Montgomery
Jane Woods
Kerry Quinton
Nicola D'cruize
Also Maria Marie Motley and Ann Oxborogh would you be available to do registration desk
Rob Hardwick and Jane hallows (lead bikes)
Anna Watkin (you ok for photos again this year)
Nigel Grant (section 2 leader)
Eamonn Brady (section 3 leader)
Sharon Sampson (section 4 leader)
Charlie Stanway (section 5 leader)

Thanks everyone.

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

Put my name down please Chris. Dave Clarkson

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

Thanks Dave

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

put me down to help pls

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

Count me in!

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

Hello chris
I can help out on day.

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

I can help out

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

Hi All We could do with a few more marshals for PLS 10k on 23rd June. if you haven't already volunteered and would be available please let me know

Re: PLS 10k Volunteers

Important Information for PLS 10k Marshals,Helpers/Pacers
Hi All. Thank you for volunteering to help with the PLS 10k on Sunday 23rd June. I have listed below your roles on the day. If all Marshals/helpers can arrive at Riverside Police Club, Riverside Road by 9am. Your Sector Leaders will meet you and explain what you need to do. Sector Leaders to arrive by 8.30am. Race Pacers can come as if arriving to race but all pacers please report to me to collect your race number and pacer flag (we will have a table just for you so you don't need to queue up to get your number). If you have any questions let me know. Thanks

RaceHQ/Number Distribution and Water at end
Val Anderton
Martina Rice
Marie Motley
Susan Burke
Anne Oxbrough
Carol Holt
if you could all arrive about 8.45/8.50 so we are ready to start giving numbers out by 9am thanks
Race HQ - T Shirts at end

Kerry Quinton
Matthew Quinton
Louise Lunt
Race HQ - Massage Tent

Pauline Fielding
Sue Towner
Race HQ Baggage Tent

Sarah Parsons
Sioux McGee
Lead Bikes - Jane Hallows and Rob Hardwick

Photos - Anna Watkin and Steve Stephen Watkin
Photos and Jetwash if hot - Brian Higgins

Pacers/Race Angels
Debi McMillan - backstop
Luke Harrison - 45min
Joanne Harrison -50 mins
Annmarie Williams -55 mins
Joe McGlynn -60 mins
Ju Ko - 65 mins
Joanne Edwards - 70 mins
Bex Dennehy - 75 mins
Nigel Foo - race angel
Bailey Ewel Robertson race angel

Marshals Sector 1 - Leader Jon Windle
Sergeson Billy
Amy Edwards
Karen Culshaw
Wendy Osborne
Katie Johnson
Lee Warburton
Steven Boyd
Graham Douglas

Marshals Sector 2 - Leader Nigel Grant
Andrew Keeley
Will Keeley
Jane Woods
Martin Swennson
Thomas Lang
Richard Stafford
Andrew Biddle
Graham Beardsmore

Marshals Sector 3 - Leader Eamonn Brady
Phil Riding
Kathryn and Michael Sharkey
James Roberts
Nichola Dcruze and Charley
Jo Bruchez-Corbett
Robert John Bruchez Corbett
Debs Crawley
Michela Bish
Donna Mckenna
Liz Turner

Marshals Sector 4 - Leader Sharon Samson
Diana Hennigan
Neil Hennigan and Sean
Sarah Smoss Simons
Jonnie and Timmie Labèr-Craig
Laura Porter
Gary Crockett
Lyndsey Lang

Marshals Sector 5 -Leader Charlie Stanway
Inma Ruiz
Ste Maguire
Dave Clarkson
Chris Probert
Claire Marie
Alex Cowin
Rob Eagles
Jodie Hazeldine
As Sector 5 is the furthest out if you prefer to meet by the bandstand on the prom let us know and we will advise the Sector Leader

Water Station Marshals - Leader - Dave Mangan
Steve Bennett and Caroline
Jonny McHale
Scott Montgomery
Órla Carty
Katie Dawson
Dave Owens
Jefferson Gard

Thanks everyone - See you there