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Re: May Results and Reports

Kathryn Sharkey
Thanks Nigel...mine was actually 1.36.02 woohoo...x
Even better Kathryn sub 1:35 next then more to come X

Re: May Results and Reports


Just noticed that 5 out of 6 races in the recent Supersonic Series have been put in the 'other' category.
That makes sense for Races 1-3 : Beach, sand dunes, fields etc.
But given that Race 4 (Mersey Paradise 10K) was along riverside paths and Race 6 (Crock and Roll 10K) was along park paths, aren't these the equivalent to the Ralla and the Red Bull races in the ToM - which are counted in individual PLS results?


Re: May Results and Reports


Usually only include events with a UKA certificate in the specific distance championships. Trail runs are not included, even if on relatively good surfaces. Maybe I shouldn't have included the ToM events but judged them to be on tarmac so likely to be accurately measured.


Re: May Results and Reports

Sunderland City Half Marathon
Richard Costain 1:34:46

Ran this race as it was the home of my first ever road running race 5 years when I lived in the North East (The Sunderland 10K)
A scorcher of a day, really good memories of running around Sunderland as a running beginner...and a gentle reminder that Sunderland is certainly not flat.
A great morning.

Re: May Results and Reports

Supersonic Series

That makes sense, Andy. Thanks for the explanation.

I wouldn't want you to discount the two ToM races. To have 2/6 counting is fair given their surfaces (and therefore the ability to measure accurately).

Perhaps it's worth considering the 4th Race of the Supersonic Series (Mersey Paradise 10K), which was run on tarmac/concrete paths & roads along the Mersey, so it was a very clearly defined course?

Anyway, I'll leave it up to your judgement. The same will apply next year, as I suspect the event will attract an even bigger entry than the 15 PLS runners this year.


Re: May Results and Reports

ASICS Windermere Marathon
Martin Swensson 02:44:24 3rd Overall
Alice Green 04:29:31

Re: May Results and Reports

Thurstaston MT Challenge 10km - 21.05.2019
ORC counter

6 Lawrence Eccles Penny Lane M M_Open 00:36:01
11 Robert Chester Penny Lane M M_Open 00:37:46
15 Colin Walsh Penny Lane M M_Open 00:39:19
28 David Lynan Penny Lane M M_vet40 00:41:39
30 Andrew Biddle Penny Lane M M_vet40 00:41:45
31 Simone Capponi Penny Lane M M_vet40 00:41:56
43 Alan McDermott Penny Lane M M_vet50 00:42:47
50 Neil Hannett Penny Lane M M_vet40 00:43:33
52 Jerome Doyle Penny Lane M M_Open 00:43:47
53 Nigel Foo Penny Lane M M_vet50 00:43:55
55 Michael O'Rourke Penny Lane M M_Open 00:44:17
67 Kathryn Bradley Penny Lane F F_Open 00:45:34
73 Lenka Vidamour Penny Lane F F_Open 00:45:56
77 Charlotte Rawcliffe Penny Lane F F_Open 00:46:49
83 Tony Peacock Penny Lane M M_vet60 00:47:41
85 Lucie Michaelson Penny Lane F F_Open 00:47:45
92 Terry Lynch Penny Lane M M_Open 00:48:27
94 Steve Pemberton Penny Lane M M_Open 00:48:36
97 Martin Hirrell Penny Lane M M_vet50 00:48:42
101 Tony Green Penny Lane M M_vet60 00:49:20
120 Cheryl Pace Penny Lane F F_vet40 00:51:54
127 Michael Devereux Penny Lane M M_vet60 00:53:25
132 Jo Bruchez-Corbett Penny Lane F F_vet40 00:54:23
134 James Stansfield Penny Lane M M_Open 00:54:28
140 Gary Crockett Penny Lane M M_Open 00:56:05
141 Julie Houghton Penny Lane F F_vet40 00:56:05
150 Anne Oxbrough Penny Lane F F_Open 00:59:06
154 Jon Windle Penny Lane M M_vet40 00:59:50
155 Carol Holt Penny Lane F F_vet50 01:00:49
168 Debi McMillan Penny Lane F F_vet40 01:09:04
169 Inma Ruiz Penny Lane F F_Open 01:09:07

Sunny and warm evening, the tide was out and the lines on the beach were all bone dry, which made for some very quick performances.
Although Steve Saunders will always be sorely missed as an RO, the new management by Pensby RC is spotless, if only perhaps the taping in the woods section could have been placed better.
Shout out to all the ORC newbies...fantastic effort! Now for the proper stuff :mountain: :wink:

Re: May Results and Reports

Wed 22nd May 2019 – Harrock Hill 1 - 8.4km / 275m
ORC counter

5 Robby Green M 34.40
23 Colin Walsh M 38.17
43 Paul Riley M45 39.49
56 Simone Capponi M40 40.57
60 Julien Tour M 41.44
61 Colin Dobbs M40 41.52
63 George Aylward M 41.59
69 Nigel Grant M55 42.53
77 Jerome Doyle M45 43.23
85 Neil Hannett M45 43.38
86 Robert Bruchez-Corbett M 43.47
88 Michael Connor M55 43.54
151 Steve Roden M45 50.00
159 Annmarie Williams W45 51.30
165 Tony Green M60 52.25
173 Cheryl Pace W40 53.39
192 Jo Bruchez-Corbett W40 56.49
195 Supanki Kamalanathan W 57.28
200 Rebecca Heyes W 58.15
212 Anne Oxbrough W 60.21
226 Martina Rice W40 68.13
227 Joanne Edwards W45 68.19

Strangely cool while we were running in the light, turned warm while we attended the presentation in the dark.
Robby and Annmarie (2nd W45) took home a box of veggies and fruits, a classic prize in a fell race of this calibre.
I could not contain the exuberance of the newly found running mojo from Mr Riley, who demonstrated that an excellent road running form translates very well in the gentle hills of Lancashire.
I'd love to see him doing the same in the fells...only time will tell :mountain: :muscle: :wink:
Another outstanding turnout by PLS, and I was very pleased to see some new/old faces (Nige) giving this off road malarkey another go :+1:

Next stop...
Race up the Beast 05.06, another one with classic prizes, such a massive bag of spuds for the biggest team, so shine your studs folks and get ready!

Re: May Results and Reports

18th May
Old County Tops Fell Race

4th Lawrence Eccles [& Dan Miller] 07:34:36
55th Alex Cowin [& Matt Leigh] 09:34:42
64th Simone Capponi [& Karl Robb] 09:42:42

The weather forecast pre-race ranged from cloud all day to rain all day. In the end rain was promised in the afternoon, so most people started in long sleeves. I went with separate sleeves, as disapproved of by Nigel Grant, and was grateful as it turned out to be rather warm. A fast run out to Helvellyn saw us fall from first to sixth. Dan's hill legs broke around Dollywaggon Pike. Dan said he'd never run in that much pain for so many hours. He did pick-up on the way up Scafell Pike and we reached the top in 4th, only for Dan to dislocate his thumb on the slightly longer quad saving descent. Thumb back in place we started the hot climb to Coniston old man wondering where the rain was. The rain never came. A simple, unless you're Simone, run off Coniston with cramp on our heels saw us regain 4th. I was pleased to finish, with Dan repaying the favour and killing me on the tarmac road to the finish, and get the converted OCT Mug and T-shirt. A good day out.

Next year’s race will be held on Saturday 16th May 2020.

Re: May Results and Reports

Copenhagen Marathon

Richard Costain 3:36:24

It may have been my slowest marathon for 2 years, it may have been a Danish heatwave and I may have tripped and fallen spectacularly in the race...but I absolutely loved this race!!!
An amazing atmosphere, an amazing course and an amazing city. The finish was just brilliant too.
The slower time didn't even matter - I got to take in everything around me - it really is the happiest city in the world. I was buzzing.
What a way to celebrate my upcoming 30th.

Re: May Results and Reports

Worcester Athletics Club Pitchcroft 10k

Luke Curtis 00:40:28

Re: May Results and Reports

Park run round up

Bexley parkrun

93 5 Supanki KAMALANATHAN Penny Lane Striders 00:25:17

Knowsley parkrun

37 28 Mark THOMAS Penny Lane Striders 00:27:46

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

4 4 Graham DOUGLAS Penny Lane Striders 00:18:38
22 21 Richard COSTAIN Penny Lane Striders 00:20:52
28 27 Michael O'ROURKE Penny Lane Striders 00:21:08
41 38 Phil RIDING Penny Lane Striders 00:21:57
44 4 Lenka VIDAMOUR Penny Lane Striders 00:21:58
55 51 Thomas BACK Penny Lane Striders 00:22:28
56 5 Felicity PAWLING Penny Lane Striders 00:22:29
78 8 Liz TURNER Penny Lane Striders 00:23:26
83 75 Joe MCGLYNN Penny Lane Striders 00:23:31
85 77 Tony PEACOCK Penny Lane Striders 00:23:33
103 91 Gareth LYONS Penny Lane Striders 00:24:05
121 106 Gregory HOCKING Penny Lane Striders 00:24:36
125 109 Peter HAMILTON Penny Lane Striders 00:24:40
169 140 David WEBB Penny Lane Striders 00:25:59
176 33 Mary HEERY Penny Lane Striders 00:26:12
182 147 Brian HIGGINS Penny Lane Striders 00:26:32
190 153 Michael EAKIN Penny Lane Striders 00:26:55
201 162 Sam DARBY Penny Lane Striders 00:27:16
218 47 Kathryn BRADLEY Penny Lane Striders 00:27:42
220 172 Mohammed GHAROONI Penny Lane Striders 00:27:45
236 57 Njideka AGWUNA Penny Lane Striders 00:28:10
249 188 Craig HAWLEY Penny Lane Striders 00:28:32
264 195 Mike WELSBY Penny Lane Striders 00:28:56
266 70 Wendy OSBORNE Penny Lane Striders 00:29:04
267 197 John WOOD Penny Lane Striders 00:29:06
305 87 Soraya MEAH Penny Lane Striders 00:30:33
306 219 Rod JONES Penny Lane Striders 00:30:34
348 115 Christine GRANT Penny Lane Striders 00:31:43
349 116 Jane NICHOLSON Penny Lane Striders 00:31:47
379 246 Anthony WOODS Penny Lane Striders 00:32:34
387 141 Vicki WITHERSPOON Penny Lane Striders 00:32:46
399 147 Rebecca HEYES Penny Lane Striders 00:33:10
400 148 Susan TOWNER Penny Lane Striders 00:33:20
402 150 Joanne EDWARDS Penny Lane Striders 00:33:26
403 151 Marie MOTLEY Penny Lane Striders 00:33:31
434 172 Pauline FIELDING Penny Lane Striders 00:35:30
435 263 Dave OWENS Penny Lane Striders 00:35:34
443 179 Jane WOODS Penny Lane Striders 00:36:31

Castlewellan parkrun

126 93 Michael MCDONALD Penny Lane Striders 00:27:04

Whinlatter Forest parkrun

70 19 Julie HOUGHTON Penny Lane Striders 00:30:58

Ellesmere Port parkrun

23 20 Neil BULLOCK Penny Lane Striders 00:22:15

Penrhyn parkrun

1 1 Stephen WATKIN Penny Lane Striders 00:18:04

Tring parkrun

193 126 Jim GARVEY Penny Lane Striders 00:35:07

Widnes parkrun

21 20 Michael Edward CONNOR Penny Lane Striders 00:20:52
39 37 Trevor ASTELL Penny Lane Striders 00:22:18
44 3 Joanne HARRISON Penny Lane Striders 00:22:51

Croxteth Hall parkrun

22 22 Colin WALSH Penny Lane Striders 00:20:31
55 6 Diane HENNIGAN Penny Lane Striders 00:22:39
137 119 Steve EARNSHAW Penny Lane Striders 00:25:37
310 225 Neil HENNIGAN Penny Lane Striders 00:32:54
466 189 Gillian Marie HOWARD Penny Lane Striders 00:47:14

Crosby parkrun

98 13 Sheetal SHARMA Penny Lane Striders 00:28:38

Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun

208 63 Isla JENKINSON Penny Lane Striders 00:34:07

Bushy parkrun, Dublin

91 23 Ciara O'CONNOR Penny Lane Striders 00:28:12

Ford parkrun

10 9 Andrew KEELEY Penny Lane Striders 00:21:35

Fletcher Moss parkrun

94 77 Steve RODEN Penny Lane Striders 00:25:31

Morecambe Prom parkrun

216 95 Jo GIBSON Penny Lane Striders 00:33:30

Re: May Results and Reports

29th May
Seaside 5k

13 Lawrence Eccles 00:17:09
18 Sean Jones 00:17:29
39 Paul Riley 00:18:17
47 Phil Riding 00:18:33
53 Julien Tour 00:18:49
71 Lee Warburton 00:19:19
72 Nigel Grant 00:19:25
77 George Aylward 00:19:30
82 David Lynan 00:19:43
95 Richard Costain 00:20:11
96 Liz Turner 00:20:14
118 Michael O'Rourke 00:20:55
120 Felicity Pawling 00:20:59
130 Nigel Foo 00:21:22
131 Kathryn Bradley 00:21:23
136 Sara Kelly 00:21:34
139 James Malone 00:21:38
145 Charlotte Rawcliffe 00:21:45
160 Anthony Peacock 00:22:09
177 Katie Johnson 00:22:45
178 Tony Green 00:22:46
183 James Roberts 00:22:51
194 Peter Morgan 00:23:08
196 Annmarie Williams 00:23:13
206 Samantha Bentall 00:23:31
211 Sarah Jackson 00:23:35
221 Laura Porter 00:23:41
222 Supanki Kamalanathan 00:23:42
274 Becky Varnouse 00:25:13
287 Anne Oxbrough 00:25:40
290 Sarah Simons 00:25:46
330 Christine Grant 00:27:46
338 Amy Edwards 00:28:11
351 Eunice Nopondo 00:29:07
365 Jan Hughes 00:29:40
388 Debi McMillan 00:30:51
389 Joanne Edwards 00:30:51
408 Jane Woods 00:32:22

It rained. Wind wasn't too bad.

Re: May Results and Reports

25-26 May 2019
100km del Passatore
Cristina Puccini Pos 1054 Time 13:31:31

This was my 5th and slowest go at this one but I got to the finish running unlike many others and even did an extra mile jogging round the square in Marradi while I was waiting for my cousin to wake up and follow me to the end. It was a tough old thing because of lots of training setbacks but all the more one of life's great adventures for it.

The truly wonderful stat is that I was 22nd of 102 F50s. 102 mad old women who want to run over 60 miles. Isn't life grand?

Re: May Results and Reports

Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Weekend

Many apologies in advance - our club results can't be located on the race website directly, I've copied these results below from RunBritain. These are not all of the results - it's all the Penny Lane results but they haven't included any more results for each race after the 6th pages.
Andy has advised that if your result isn't included below, find your result in the link below and add it to this thread.

Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon

Colin O'Brien 81:03
Paul Gray 86:57
George Aylward 90:45
Julien Tour 90:46
Melanie Roberts 91:33
Richard Costain 94:11
Jonathan Laber-Craig 94:42
John Bampton 95:07
Stephen Bennett 96:08
Jerome Doyle 96:40
Kathryn Sharkey 98:05
Alan McDermott 99:32
Kathryn Bradley 1:41:02
Dave Lynan 1:41:03
Paul Brady 1:42:04
Ian Sadler 1:42:49
Sara Kelly 1:42:52
John Merrigan 1:44:08
Thomas Back 1:44:38
Trevor Astell 1:44:58
Gregory Hocking 1:46:56
Lucie Michaelson 1:47:00
Annmarie Williams 1:47:27
Rebecca Johnstone 1:47:47
Andrew Troy 1:48:34
Andrea Bond 1:48:38
John Brown 1:53:20
Terry Lynch 1:54:01
Michael Sharkey 1:56:59

Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Marathon

Alex Cowin 2:56:42
Neil Hennigan 3:00:46
Sam Evans 3:01:49
Tom Kennedy 3:34:46
Nichola D'Cruze 3:36:54
John Paul Kane 3:43:46
Robert Porter 3:51:48
Matthew Cook 3:53:33
Roger Lightly 3:54:32
Rob John Cooper 3:57:14
Colin Melia 4:00:24
Stephen Gorman 4:04:05
Sakib Shamas-ud-din 4:05:37
Jane Nicholson 4:14:16

Liverpool Rock'n'Roll 5K

Mark Dickinson 22:04
Leanne Miller 24:09
Sarah Simons 25:17
Lileth Hammond 27:02
Mal Taylor 27:27

Re: May Results and Reports

I paced the half - came in with 5 secs to spare at 2.14.55 :grinning:

Re: May Results and Reports

Eunice Nopondo R&R 1/2 = 2:14: 58
Thanks Andy

Re: May Results and Reports

Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll additions :

25/5/19 5K
Glyn Hughes 33:20
Jan Hughes 33:20

26/5/19 Half Marathon
Glyn Hughes 2:06:50
Jan Hughes 2:23:28

Re: May Results and Reports

I was originally missing from the results

Walton Park 5 mile
14 May 2019

38.28 (new PB)

Re: May Results and Reports

and on less happy news...

Liverpool Rock N Roll marathon
26 May


(a run to forget, ill, carrying injury and head all over the place)

Re: May Results and Reports

Catforth 10k (09th June 19) - 44mins 48secs 1st FV40.

Finally back to a bit of road racing 😊 A flat, scenic 2 lap course around country lanes, on a nice sunny day😊 Friendly, and well organised small event.

Re: May Results and Reports

Catforth 10k (09th June 19) - 44mins 48secs 1st FV40.

Finally back to a bit of road racing 😊 A flat, scenic 2 lap course around country lanes, on a nice sunny day😊 Friendly, and well organised small event.
You might want to paste it in June's thread.

Re: May Results and Reports

Could not see these posted previously:

Knowsley Harriers Fab4 Race 1 24th May 19

4 Miler

Phil Riding 0:24:24
Stephen Watkin 0:24:48
Nigel Grant 0:26:08
Luke Curtis 0:26:28
Nigel Foo 0:27:41
Paul McGregor 0:28:39
Joanne Harrison 0:28:42
Martin Hirrell 0:28:50
Tony Peacock 0:30:58
Sue Burke 0:30:57
Tony Green 0:30:58
James Stansfield 0:32:01
Michael Deveraux 0:32:09
Neil Hennigan 0:32:38
Jane Nicholson 0:32:55
Diane Hennigan 0:32:56
Carolyn Knott 0:33:50
Chris Probert 0:36:27
Christine Grant 0:38:27