Penny Lane Striders
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Off Road Champs - Race up the Beast - Wed 05.06 @7.15 pm

WED 5 Race up the Beast (*) AS 7.2km/458m 4.5miles/1500ft PM
Details: 7.15 pm £4.00 on day only
Venue: Miners Arms, Maeshafn. 2 miles out of Mold, 1 mile off A494. Limited parking.
Age limit: Over 16
Records: Karl Steinegger 36:44 2016 Hayley Evans 46:35 2018
Organiser: Dan Hurst 07713161660 07713161660
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This includes an iconic massive bag of spuds for the biggest team...
Shine your studs folks, I need you all on the your best off road form of your life :mountain: :muscle: