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Runner safety

Guys - the club last Thursday received this message from a member of the public :

"l drove past you at about 7pm last night, just after Garston Lifestyles. There were quite a few runners running on the road, l just thought l’d raise it, that’s taking unnecessary risks when it’s quite dark already and potentially in adverse weather conditions- and it’s putting yourself and motorists at risk. Sorry to be such a Moaning Myrtle, l just thought l’d raise it, better safe than sorry, right?"

The committee would like to re-iterate the importance not only of staying on the pavement unless you're crossing the road, and of making yourself visible (by wearing hi-vis) on dark nights. Whether it's because the numbers in the group are large or because cars are selfishly parked on pavements, it is often tempting to use the road. However it's important to consider motorists too and to remember that our streets are a shared resource. We believe we enjoy a good reputation in the local community and we want to keep it that way.

Apologies if you have already seen this message on the club Facebook page