Penny Lane Striders
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Updated Tuesday sessions (Aug 11th)

Gp 1 (sub 41 min 10k) - Woolton Woods field (behind St Julie's) : meet at gates on High Street leading to woods, park High Street or nearby

Gp 2 Calderstones Park : meet Yew Tree Rd car park

Gp 3 (44-48 min 10k) - Prom : meet Red Bull; parking end of Riversdale Road or Mersey Road

Gp 4 (48-52 min 10k) - Camp Hill : meet at foot of travelator on path by lodge at bend in the main road; park either side of main road

Gp 5 (52-56 min 10k) - Holt Field : meet entrance at top of Barkhill Rd (by IM Marsh). Parking in streets nearby

Gp 6 (56-60 min 10k) - Speke : meet old fire station. Parking in nearby streets or run down from sports centre

Gp 7 (60 min + 10k) - Clarkes Gardens : meet car park off Springwood Rd (by Allerton Hall pub)

All groups will do 1 min efforts, 1 min recs session (up to 20, leader to decide on total, 2 min rec at halfway).

All leaders fully briefed about protocols to be followed

In your comfort zone last week ? Why not try the next group up ?

All sessions to start at 7pm prompt

Work hard everyone, and stay hydrated