Penny Lane Striders
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August 2020 Results & Reports

2 HillForts Fell Race 2020 - 8.6m/2400ft

5 Michael O’Rourke M Penny Lane Striders 1:27:45
18 Sarah Jackson F40 Penny Lane Striders 2:07:23
19 Chris Probert M50 Penny Lane Striders 2:07:59

A nice race, slightly warm but the drizzle kept it cool enough to make running conditions fairly comfortable. Low turn out 23 ran. The start was supposed to be in waves to allow sufficient SD measures but there wasn't enough runners for that so it was a very small mass start. The field spread out quickly so couldn't see any other runners but the course was well marshalled and flagged. Probably a similar number of marshals to runners.

Re: August 2020 Results & Reports

Tatton Park 10k - 26th August

Chris Anderson 54:29
Debi McMillan 67:30

My first time at Tatton Park and a great venue and organisation given the current situation. Lots of space, safety precautions and facilities with a “waved” start and loads of support out on the course. Thanks for the shout as we passed Debi - much needed and appreciated.

Nice to be back wearing the vest - they host regular events so worth a look if you don’t mind travelling.