Penny Lane Striders
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Club Activity - Tuesday September 1st 2020

Tuesday sessions (Sep 1st)
This week the session is a reverse pyramid i.e. 5 mins / 4 mins / 3 mins / 2 mins / 1 min / 1 min / 2 mins / 3 mins / 4 mins / 5 mins Length of recovery between each effort to be confirmed by group leader. Finish with 6 x 30 sec efforts.

Before you come, please make sure you have renewed your membership if you have not already done so

Gp 1 (sub 41 min 10k) - Speke : meet old fire station. Parking in nearby streets or run down from sports centre

Gp 2 (41-44 min 10k) - Clarkes Gardens : meet car park off Springwood Rd (by Allerton Hall pub)

Gp 3 (44-48 min 10k) - Woolton Woods field (behind St Julie's) : meet at gates on High Street leading to woods, park High Street or nearby
Gp 4 (48-52 min 10k) Calderstones Park : meet Yew Tree Rd car park

Gp 5 (52-56 min 10k) - Prom : meet Red Bull; parking end of Riversdale Road or Mersey Road

Gp 6 (56-60 min 10k) - Camp Hill : meet at foot of travelator on path by lodge at bend in the main road; park either side of main road

Gp 7 (60 min + 10k) - Holt Field : meet entrance at top of Barkhill Rd (by IM Marsh). Parking in streets nearby

As on previous Tuesdays, all leaders fully briefed about protocols to be followed, with a register being taken for track and trace purposes

All sessions to start at 7pm prompt. Please respect each other's space and that of other people wherever you are training

Work hard everyone, and stay hydrated