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Training Activity - Tuesday September 15th

Training Sessions Tuesday 15th September

Here are details of the sessions for tomorrow (Tues 15th), all of which start, as usual, at 7pm.

Sufficient parking is available near each session’s meeting point.

Leaders may split groups depending upon numbers.

With the onset of the darker nights, please ensure you are visible
Gp 1 (41 mins or less 10k) - Estuary park square > Dobbies; 5 x 1k efforts;

Gp 2 (41 - 44 mins 10k) – Sefton Park : meet by obelisk at top of main path ; 1 min efforts (x20) or 2 min efforts (x10)

Gp 3 (44 – 48 mins 10k) – Prom; meet at Britannia pub; 1 min efforts

Gp 4 (48 – 52 mins 10k) – Carnatic Rd hill efforts x 6 (also use parallel road, Park Avenue, if numbers high)

Gp 5 (52 – 56 mins 10k) – Prom; meet at Red Bull; 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 pyramid

Gp 6 (56 – 60 mins 10k) – Garston meet roadside by Lifestyles entrance; 1 min efforts or pyramid

Gp 7 (60 mins + 10k) – old Fire station where Banks Rd meets Speke Boulevard; parking at Garston or at retail park; 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 pyramid

As ever, please ensure the group leader has noted your attendance and be mindful of non-runners

Re: Training Activity - Tuesday September 15th

Thanks to Joe for a leading a great/tough session tonight.