Penny Lane Striders
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Training - Thursday October 15th

***Group leaders will split groups up where there are more than SIX runners. Please leave promptly on returning to the start point of your run. Do not hang around breathing all over one another!!***

To remind you - YOU MUST BE A FULLY PAID-UP PLS MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR SESSIONS (our insurance is invalidated otherwise).

Guests can run by prior arrangement

You must ensure the main group leader has taken your name

7PM start all sessions

Gp 1 (41 mins or quicker 10k) - South Liverpool tour : Long Lane, Brodie, Green Lane, Druids X, Linkstor start and finish : meet at junction of Brodie Avenue and Booker Avenue

Gp 2 (41 - 44 mins 10k) - Asda route : park at Speke Retail Park, run from lights at Starbucks / Crowne Plaza junction

Gp 3 (44 - 48 mins 10k) - Mossley Hill hills : meet at corner of Garston Park (by mini roundabout where Long Lane becomes Brodie Avenue)

Gp 4 (48 - 52 mins 10k) - Prom progression run : meet very end of prom (end of Beechwood Rd South). Group(s) to agree on different paces

Gp 5 (52 - 56 mins 10k) - Woolton Hills : reverse route. Meet on pavement outside sports centre & run up Woolton Rd

Gp 6 (56 - 60 mins 10k) - meet iron bridge Sefton Park (1 hr run). Group(s) to agree on route

Gp 7 (60 mins + 10k) - Woolton Hills : normal route : meet on pavement outside Garston Sports Centre

Have fun, be VISIBLE, stay safe and be mindful of other pavement/road users and the guidelines