Penny Lane Striders
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Club training - Thursday April 1st

Training sessions - Thursday April 1st

Please arrive on time and ensure the main group leader has taken your name

7PM start all sessions

Gp 1 (41 mins or less 10k) - meet iron bridge Sefton Park (1 hr run). Group(s) to agree on route(s)

Gp 2 (41 - 44 mins 10k) - South Liverpool tour : Long Lane, Brodie, Green Lane, Druids X, Linkstor start and finish : meet at junction of Brodie Avenue and Booker Avenue

Gp 3 (44 - 48 mins 10k)- Woolton Hills : normal route : meet on pavement outside Garston Sports Centre

Gp 4 (48 - 52 mins 10k) - Mossley Hill hills : meet at corner of Garston Park (by mini roundabout where Long Lane becomes Brodie Avenue)

Gp 5 (52 - 56 mins 10k) - Prom progression run : meet very end of prom (end of Beechwood Rd South). Group(s) to agree on different paces

Gp 6 (56 - 60 mins 10k) - Woolton Hills : reverse route. Meet on pavement outside sports centre & run up Woolton Rd

Gp 7 (60 mins + 10k) - Asda route : park at Speke Retail Park, run from lights at Starbucks / Crowne Plaza junction
As ever, have fun, and be mindful of other pavement/road users

Any issues / questions, just post