Penny Lane Striders
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Training Tuesday May 4th

First summer sessions 2021

Group 1 (sub 41 10k) - Camp Hill Bin Loops (meet at the top)

Group 2 (41-45 mins 10k) - Clarkes Gardens (meet at Garston Lifestyles) - 16 x 90 secs - 1 min recovery

Group 3 (45-49 mins) - Allerton Towers (meet at Garston Lifestyles) - 10 mins on 'the dipper', 3 laps of perimeter then back on the dipper

Group 4 (49-55 mins) - Camp Hill (meet at the bottom) - Hill repeats - effort up, recover on way down, as many as time allows

Group 5 (55+ mins) - Mystery Park (meet at the usual start line adjacent to the track) - Pyramids - 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1

Please consider trail shoes if on grass given the weather.

For those groups meeting at Garston please meet roadside NOT outside the centre

Re: Training Tuesday May 4th

Struggling to work out where to meet for the Top of the Camp Hill Bin Loop?

Could someone please let me know? Sorry!

Re: Training Tuesday May 4th

Hi Nick,

Top of Camp Hill - there's a tarmac path and a bench on the top left 'field' as you look at it from the bottom.
Hope that helps. Failing that - group 4 are at the bottom and can direct you.

Re: Training Tuesday May 4th

Thanks Andrew