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May 2021 Results and Reports

8th May

Spire Ultra
32 miles (I did nearer 33)

3rd Lawrence Eccles 04:30:18

The route of the Spire Ultra is essentially a circuit of Chesterfield, whose famous crooked spire gives the race its name. The route is also surprisingly hilly with nearly 4,000ft ascent. The weather was wet, but the ground was not tearing up too much. The signs of the dry April were still there with the cracks in the soil. I was in the lead group of four until a lapse in concentration around 15 miles allowed the front two to get sufficiently far ahead that I missed the turn and went the wrong way. I made a few more minor nav errors, so ended up quite a way behind first (14 minutes). Generally a good day out and not too far to drive from Liverpool.

Re: May 2021 Results and Reports

Great work Lawrence. Sounds like a good day out.

Re: May 2021 Results and Reports

Cake Race 2021 Saturday 29 May 2021 10 miles, 1700ft

Normally there is a best cake competition, but not this year, although ample cake was supplied post run.

A nice race, not too challenging on the terrain or elevation, but you did have to run across a ford thing, and up an enormous set of stairs.

Entrant Position Forename Surname M/F Club Cat Time
162 44(5) Kate Macfarlane F Penny Lane WSEN 1:25:16
171 66 Simone Capponi M Bowland M40 1:30:40 (With his new club)
178 70 Michael O'Rourke M Penny Lane MSEN 1:31:25
163 128 Peter Macfarlane M Dark Peak M65 1:51:33 (Kate's dad)