Penny Lane Striders
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Training - Tuesday May 11th 2021

G1 – Clarkes (meet at top by XC finish) – 22 x 1min

G2 – Camp Hill (meet at bottom) – 10 up

G3 – Allerton Towers (meet Lifestyles) – Pyramids 1,2,3,4,3,2,1

G4 – Allerton Towers (meet Lifestyles) – 10 mins on roller coaster, recovery laps, repeat 10 mins

G5 – Holt Playing Fields (meet Lifestyles) – Hill reps

G6 – The ‘Mores’ (meet Garston roundabout) - Jog Long Lane / Brodie to Ardmore Rd. Sprint up Ardmore, jog back down, move on to Arranmore etc