Penny Lane Striders
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Training - Thursday May 13th 2021

G1 Five Star Woolton (meet Derby Arms pub) - To Beaconsfield & up, down/up Church Rd , down/up Woolton Hill, down/up Blackwood, down/up Druids, down Beacon & home

G2 - Five Star Woolton (meet at roundabout by Blackwood/Childwall woods) - Woolton Rd to bottom of Blackwood Ave, up, down/up Druids, down/up Beaconsfield, down/up Church Rd, down/up Woolton Hill Rd, down Blackwood to start

G3 - Woolton Hills (meet Lifestyles) - Steady 10K pace around the whole course

G4 – Calderstones (meet Lifestyles) - HM Pace to the park, split into 2 groups to race the perimeter, HM pace back home

G5 - Mossley Hill Hills (meet Lifestyles) - Half mara pace with efforts up the hills, regroup at the top

G6 - Prom (meet at the Britannia) - Progression run

Re: Training - Thursday May 13th 2021

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