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London Marathon Club Ballot Entries

** London Marathon club Ballot**

Last few days to enter into the club ballot for the opportunity of securing one of the three club places for the 2021 race. Entries in by 7pm 6th June.

We will be drawing the ballot on Monday 7th June at the next committee meeting.

I can confirm the following have entered (and meet criteria according to constitution).

Keith Boyle
Debi McMillan
Stephen Gorman
Joanne Edwards
Lenka Vidamour
Julien Tour
Jonny McHale
Joel Worrall
Joe McGlynn
Eunice Nopondo
Nigel Foo

If you think you have entered (emailing your official rejection slip or other rejection evidence) to Club Secretary and not on the list please contact me ASAP.

Thanks Sharon

Re: London Marathon Club Ballot Entries - Winners

To confirm the ballot winners were
1. Joel Worrall
2. Joe McGlynn
3. Joanne Edwards

Reserves (will only be if any of the ballot winners change their mind before I register)
1. Wendy Osborne
2. Lenka Vidamour

I will be in touch with you in the next day or so to explain next steps.

Re: London Marathon Club Ballot Entries - Winners

Note Joe McGlynn has withdrawn so the place has been allocated to the first reserve pulled at the ballot which is Wendy Osborne

Re: London Marathon Club Ballot Entries

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