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Tour Of Merseyside 2021 results - half marathon, 10 miler, 5 miler

Below are times from the Tour of Merseyside 2021. There will be more PLS members who run the Southport Half Marathon and 10k, these PLS members are not included in the overall Tour standings results and I was therefore not able to include these times in this table, sorry! Times below from the Southport Half, 10 Miles at Sustrans and 5 Miles at the Prom should be eligible for club's road championship results? Thanks.

Southport Half Marathon

First Name Surname Gender Southport Half
Julien Tour Male 01:24:42
George Aylward Male 01:33:44
Andrea Bond Female 01:35:05
Lenka Vidamour Female 01:42:21
Terry Lynch Male 01:41:09
Trevor Astell Male 01:45:12
Keith Boyle Male 01:49:16
Tony Green Male 02:06:28
Jonny Mchale Male 01:54:22
Lurdes Corlett Female 01:53:48
Sarah Jackson Female 02:03:04
Joe Abbott Male 02:13:53
Peter Morgan Male 02:03:58
Rachel Rick Female 02:03:04
Matthew Harvey Male 02:11:52
Stuart Harrison Male 02:09:09
Rebecca Varnouse Female 02:12:53
Eamonn Brady Male 02:06:34
Martina Rice Female 02:19:56
Joanne Edwards Female 02:29:23

Sustrans 10 Miler

Julien Tour Male 01:03:43
Andrea Bond Female 01:11:57
George Aylward Male 01:17:30
Lenka Vidamour Female 01:17:32
Trevor Astell Male 01:20:14
Terry Lynch Male 01:20:25
Keith Boyle Male 01:21:53
Tony Green Male 01:25:50
Lurdes Corlett Female 01:28:20
Joe Abbott Male 01:28:20
Peter Morgan Male 01:31:37
Sarah Jackson Female 01:32:08
Rachel Rick Female 01:32:09
Eamonn Brady Male 01:32:09
Jonny Mchale Male 01:32:34
Rebecca Varnouse Female 01:33:31
Matthew Harvey Male 01:34:45
Stuart Harrison Male 01:35:10
Martina Rice Female 01:40:24
Joanne Edwards Female 01:51:33

Otterspool 5 Miler

First Name Surname Gender Chip Time
Julien Tour Male 00:29:48
George Aylward Male 00:33:20
Andrea Bond Female 00:34:16
Lenka Vidamour Female 00:36:21
Terry Lynch Male 00:36:33
Keith Boyle Male 00:36:41
Trevor Astell Male 00:37:40
Tony Green Male 00:38:43
Joe Abbott Male 00:39:23
Matthew Harvey Male 00:40:25
Lurdes Corlett Female 00:40:48
Jonny Mchale Male 00:41:19
Peter Morgan Male 00:42:53
Sarah Jackson Female 00:43:33
Rachel Rick Female 00:43:35
Eamonn Brady Male 00:43:35
Stuart Harrison Male 00:45:46
Martina Rice Female 00:48:40
Rebecca Varnouse Female 00:49:14
Joanne Edwards Female 00:51:01