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Off Road Training and Championship 2021/22

Hi all,

I’d like to introduce myself as the new off road & XC captain for Penny Lane Striders. I’d also like to introduce vice-captain Charlotte Rawcliffe. In conjunction with a great team of off-road leaders, we are currently putting together a training schedule, to begin in September. This will include both off road and XC training, be both local and further afield, and take place on various days of the week, to allow people flexibility and choice in their running plans. I’d like to remind you of the off-road championship, first advertised in the spring. We have added some races, to take account of cancellations and those with few places due to deferrals. There is some uncertainty around races Jan-Feb which are yet to confirm. I’ll post details of those when I have them. Races that have already taken place will count. We hope there is something in the calendar to interest everyone from those new to off road to more seasoned off roaders. We will also be releasing the XC racing calendar when those dates are confirmed in the early Autumn.

Here is the link to the O-R Championship - let me know if there are any issues with access - you'll probably need to paste into the browser:!Aj_ShVt1SC50gq85xZble_x2QR2wsg?e=5JcHST

It will also go on the webpage.

New to off-roading? We recommend the Wirral Multi terrain series in September – these are for beginners and have a great turnout from the club every year (they are on both the off-road Championship and the road training calendar). In advance of this we will offer an off-road training session suitable for beginners across all groups. However, this will also be suitable for more seasoned off roaders – it’ll be a nice social running event for the club and we hope you will all be able to join us. Details below:

Location: Croxteth Park main car park; Wednesday 25th August - 7pm
Terrain: foot paths, trails, some roads (brief!), elevation = flat
Difficulty rating: easy.
Shoes: trail shoes* or old road shoes (depending on the rain in the days leading up to it, it could be muddy – we will run through the mud…😊). *if you need some advice let us know.
G1-2 Led by Mike O’Leary & Terry Lynch Distance ~6-7 miles
G3-4 Led by Charlotte Rawcliffe & Graham Beardmore Distance ~6-7 miles
G5-6 Led by Anne Oxbrough, Debi McMillan & Jo Edwards Distance ~4-5 miles
Post run beers and social: head to the Sefton Arms in West Derby Village after the run.

I will post by 5pm on the day of the run to both the forum and Facebook page if we need to cancel for adverse weather. There will be no posting if we go ahead – but you are advised to give a quick check just in case. Note - sometimes messages get lost on Facebook thread, but it will always be easy to find on the forum 😊.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. We are also on the lookout for more off-road leaders. If you are interested drop us a message– off road leading could include a route around a local park, or something further afield requiring more experience. It need only be once per 3/4 months. – let us know if you are interested. We hope to see you all off-roading soon 😊. We are hoping to have an email address set up shortly and I will post when it is ready to go.

Update - email is up and running: