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Ponderings of the PLS Chair

Hello Striders

It has been nearly a month since the AGM, and the Committee have met and we are looking forward to ensuring that the club delivers on the needs of its members.

As you may have seen on the Forum or Facebook, my focus for this year is inclusivity, transparency and communication. To that end I am pleased to announce that in the coming month we will be releasing a brilliant survey to find out:

• WHY – why did you become a member of PLS and has this changed?
• WHAT – what do you like about the club offering and what more could we do?
• HOW – how is the club delivering on your needs?

So keep your eyes peeled for the survey.

Over the last 18 months all our worlds have changed, significantly impacting on personal health and reasons for running; now that club sessions are fully back in the swing, working out which groups to run with on Tuesdays and Thursdays can be a challenge.

For those of you new to the club, WELCOME! Everyone else WELCOME BACK!!

There are many ways of establishing who to run with: head to the Training Plans ( on the website and check out the pace guidance, or alternatively if you are unsure (I know when I joined I hadn’t a clue how fast or slow I could run) then please speak to any of the Committee or Group Leaders who can help you.

Once out, if you find out the group you have chosen is too slow or too fast, please feel assured that we start and finish as teams so no one is left behind, and in subsequent weeks feel free to move up or down. If you opt to stay in a group for the social rather than moving on to the next group, then hey that’s fine too but please respect the expected pace guided by the Group Leader.

If off-road or cross-country is more your thing, contact Anne our section Captain on to find out more.

Finally, I will wrap up with a congratulations and thanks to everyone who organised and participated in this week’s club relays, and if you have been given the taste for relays then don’t miss those coming up in September (contact our Road Captains for more information).

Happy Running