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Sandstone trail

Jo: Gun:2.05.42

Re: Sandstone trail

Brian Higgins has the same times as me..
gun 2.05.42
Chip: 2.05.27

Re: Sandstone trail - more results

A race results (17miles)

Lenka Vidamour- 2:48 (3rd age cat)
Tony Man - 2:55
Rebecca Bancroft - 4:30

B race results (11 miles)

Michael O'Connor- 1:35 (5th age cat)

James Crowder - 1:51
Hannah Norris - 1:55(7th age cat)
Jo Bruchez - Corbett 2:05
Rod Jones - 2:05

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone out. Well done all it was bit of everything today, too warm, too wet and too cornfield :grinning: !

Re: Sandstone trail - more results

Well done everyone!!!