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Re: February Race Results & Reports

27th February
Clwydian Sheeptracks

4th Lawrence Eccles 02:32:27
60th Michael O'Rourke 03:47:50

The weather was surprisingly exceptional. The ground seemed almost freeze dried; far from the sloppy mud fest I was expecting. There was wall to wall sunshine, but a brutally cold wind to remind that it was still winter. A bad omen pre race was that I found I'd broken all 4 legs on the Sheeptracks trophy. I won the race back in 2020 and had looked after the trophy all that time and then managed to break it in my bag on the way to the race. I wondered if it was a sign of what was to become of my legs during this race. Fortunately the legs held up, although I did finish 16 minutes behind the winner. I beat the Mersey Tri runners for what that's worth. There were ex PLS runners along with Michael. Soup and cake post race, plus lots of prizes and Kellogs bars for all. Next year the race moves over to Llangollen hills!

Re: February Race Results & Reports

Standish Hall Trail 10k (OR Champs Race)

Lawrence Eccles -00:38:43
Andrew Grimshaw -00:42:22
Michael O'Rourke-00:43:48
Colin Dobbs -00:45:45
Steve Dipple -00:47:57
Terry Lynch -00:48:30
Charlotte Rawcliffe-00:49:10
Michael Connor -00:50:00
Marc Vincent -00:50:29
Sarah Jackson -00:50:44
Holly Brown -00:50:50
Sarah Bradley -00:50:57
Myka Heard -00:51:49
Richard Stafford -00:52:17
Stephen Pemberton -00:53:54
Cheryl Pace -00:54:40
Alice Spooner -00:57:09
John Brown -00:57:12
Anne Oxbrough -01:06:55
Marie Motley -01:06:56