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Summer off road training

We have now released the summer off road training plans which you can find on the club webpage. This will also go on the club webpage (and on the Forum whilst we transition to fully using Club Connect). However, full details of routes and requirements (e.g. any kit needed) are on the Club Connect App/Webpage via the training section (or at least they will be over the course of this morning!). You can also email me about them, if you are having problems accessing the Club Connect.
Here you can let us know if you are going (please do), contact the leader and make sure you get details of any last minute changes (e.g. due to weather). Please also make sure you add your emergency contact details to your details area on Club Connect.
If you are new to OR running please do contact me or a leader to find out all about. We have put on some for all abilities and including easier or shorter runs.
Happy Running!
Anne, OR/XC Captain

Re: Summer off road training

Summer off-road training is essential for honing your skills in challenging terrain. Whether you're a novice or seasoned off-road enthusiast, dedicating time to improve technique and conquer obstacles is invaluable. Utilizing methodologies like Scrum can enhance training effectiveness by fostering teamwork, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Check out to discover how Scrum methodology can optimize your off-road training experience. Happy trails!