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Re: February 2023 Results and Reports

26th February

Standard = 19 miles
2nd Lawrence Eccles 03:02:43
39th Alice Spooner 05:03:00

Short = 11.5 miles
5th David Johnson 02:07:00

This year Clwydian Sheeptracks went on tour to the Horseshoe pass above Llangollen. The start location was the infamous Ponderosa café. Both courses ran the same route to CP7, where the short went straight to CP12 then the finish. Straight from the start Joel Gomes sprinted out into a lead. By CP4 he had over two minutes on the chasing pack. The 'pack' was me with a GB orienteer runner. He was a lot faster and left me enroute to CP5 even with Saturday's national XC in his legs. My race looked over, but this year's event had a catch at the end.

CP10 and 11 were only displayed on the day, so nobody had had chance to reccy the route. It turned out that Joel was poor at route choices and I overturned a 9 minute deficit. I could have perhaps won the race with a little more guile. Before CP11 I saw Joel just ahead looking at his map and then running around the corner. I should have waited a little longer, perhaps hidden in the heather, but instead I caught up with Joel and discovered he was essentially lost and didn't know where CP11 was. I then lead the way to CP11 and he then out ran me by a good margin to the finish. The GB orienteer had decided to do the short course after starting the trip to CP8. He still managed to win the short course.

The new Sheeptracks area proved popular and there are already rumours afoot that the 2024 event will be there. There was a catch though; snares are popular in the area with the grouse game keepers and tripped up a surprising number of runners in reccies.

Re: February 2023 Results and Reports

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