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January Results

Princes parkrun, 1st Jan

Christopher LEE 20:03
Jerome DOYLE 20:56
Trevor ASTELL 21:05
John JENSEN 21:17
Martin KELLY 21:25
Andrew LESLIE 21:50
David GRIFFITHS 22:14
Cristina PUCCINI 22:19
Joe MCGLYNN 23:46
Craig HAWLEY 24:34
Hannah BRUCE 24:34
Tim JONES 25:06
Mark THOMAS 25:08
Mike WELSBY 25:39
Oonagh JAQUEST 26:09
Cath NEVIN 26:34
Anthony WOODS 26:41
Nathan BRADY 26:56
Carolyn HOUGHTON 27:46
Shane KNOTT 27:46
Keith BOYLE 28:23
Paul BRADY 29:21
Liz SIMPSON 30:05

Paul B finished in about 24 mins so the 29 min entry must have been his stunt double. Sorry if I've missed any PBs.

Re: January Results

Paul forgot to pick up his barcode and ended up having to rejoin the queue after he got to the front and realised; they must have given him the time for the position/token he finally picked up. Surely that means that everyone that actually finished after him and before his official time advanced a place. The excitement. I also had a token malfunction, because I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see the person who was handing out the tokens. She ended up getting two of us mixed up and I got the one meant for the bloke in front of me - I think the runners weren't the only ones who were hung over.

Anyway all this to also tell you that when I got the results I discovered, much to my amusement, that I was first woman at the hangover parkrun and no, it wasn't a parkrun pb.

Cleared my head up a treat though.

Re: January Results

4th January
Merseyvend 5k

6 Lawrence Eccles 18:15
15 Lyndon Easthope 19:06
17 Andrew Keeley 19:18
20 Steven Maguire 19:52
21 Barnaby Hirons 20:07
25 Marty Hirrell 21:09
26 Andy Leslie 21:14
40 Michael O'Rourke 23:00
50 Tommy Gates 24:15
61 Michelle Kelly 25:16
72 John Kelly 27:36
83 Liz Simpson 29:22

Re: January Results

XC - Merseyside Champs

Senior Women

11 Puccini C F45 PLS 36.438 <== 1st V45 Lady - Nice One!
21 Darby G F50 PLS 40.40
29 Heard M F45 PLS 41.53

Senior Men

7 Swenson M PLS 39.51
37 Bullock N PLS 45.25
38 Eccles L PLS 45.30
39 Kelly N M40 PLS 45.37
58 Dobbs C PLS 47.45
65 Ricketts S M45 PLS 48.31
79 Russell I M45 PLS 50.07
81 Hawkins M PLS 50.34
100 Man T M45 PLS 54.42

Well done to Martin for earning another Merseyside Vest and an overall Team 5th Place (and I think best of the Sunday XC League Clubs) to the counters.

Great day in the mud for PLS (but can someone teach me how to tie my shoelaces..and run downhill...)

Re: January Results

Age cats in Merseyside Champs are 10 years, Gill Darby and I were in 45-55 and Gill got 3rd place so two shiny medals for Penny Lane!

Re: January Results

Central Lancs Half Marathon: 5th January

Mike Roxburgh 1:41:16 pb
Emma Kearney 1:41:30

The hilliest "flat" course ive ever ran!

Re: January Results

11th January
Delamere Parkrun

3 Lawrence Eccles 18:47
29 Andrew Leslie 22:12

Re: January Results

12th January
Runcorn XC

3 Martin Swensson SM
12 Lawrence Eccles SM
22 Neil Bullock SM
24 Neil Kelly V40
28 Dale Higham SM
48 Nigel Grant V50
55 Lyndon Easthope SM
57 Colin Dobbs SM
58 Mitch Hawkins SM
60 Christopher Lee SM
65 Simon Birtles V40
66 Robert Bruchez-Corbett SM
67 Jerome Doyle V40
72 Ian Russell V40
89 Tony Man V40
101 Tim Warn V60
106 Michael O'Rourke SM
109 Tommy Burke V60
112 Martin Hirrell V40
122 Steve Pemberton V50
125 Joe McGlynn V50
138 Tommy Gates V50
142 Dave Clarkson V60

12 Cristina Puccini FV40
16 Kate MacFarlane SL
20 Kate-Barbara McGing SL
21 Pam Thurtle FV35
24 Gill Darby FV50
26 Michelle King SL
41 Kathryn-Adele Sharkey SL
46 Louise Warn SL
50 Clare O'Callaghan SL
66 Carolyn Houghton FV40
70 Rachel Rick FV50

Men's team came 3rd. The Women's team came 6th.

full results at:

Re: January Results

19th January
Four Villages Half-Marathon

Chip Pos Firstname Lastname Chip Time
32 John Connolly 01:17:41
109 Lawrence Eccles 01:23:12
119 Lyndon Easthope 01:23:27
123 Neil Kelly 01:23:39
167 Paul Riley 01:26:20
207 Steven Maguire 01:27:42
225 Graham Halsall 01:28:32
272 Colin Dobbs 01:30:33
341 Jerome Doyle 01:33:02
342 Adrian Loughrey 01:33:03
418 Sarah Hodgson 01:35:15
419 Emma Lawton 01:35:16
536 Robert Bruchez-Corbett 01:37:59
481 Mark Finch 01:36:47
520 Tim Warn 01:37:38
513 John Jensen 01:37:23
529 David Owens 01:37:50
605 Cristina Puccini 01:39:37
620 Rob Hardwick 01:40:05
614 Andrew Leslie 01:39:50
713 David Lynan 01:42:37
699 Dave Mangan 01:42:08
765 David Pinnington 01:43:51
771 Shane Knott 01:43:58
833 Ruth Fisher 01:45:28
959 Michael Sharkey 01:48:56
1076 Oonagh Jaquest 01:51:33
1085 Ben Freeney 01:51:45
1161 Michael Roberts 01:54:07
1171 Matthew Tollitt 01:54:26
1212 Mike Welsby 01:55:47
1206 Tommy Gates 01:55:42
1238 Keith Boyle 01:56:40
1297 Terence Long 01:58:08
1343 Clare O'Callaghan 01:59:27
1423 Eunice Nopondo 02:02:40
1563 Althea Deane 02:09:56
1575 Andrew Richards 02:10:22
1634 Anne Oxbrough 02:13:44
1636 Jo Bruchez-Corbett 02:13:54
1650 Rachel Rick 02:15:12
1708 Eamonn Brady 02:21:39
1785 James Stansfield 02:40:14

Re: January Results

Can I also add 1 result

Stephen Welsby (trains with us and is intending to join when he hits 18)

1:34:03 - PB and winner of MU20 category

Re: January Results

Steven Maguire has taken care of his prize

Re: January Results

Bushy Park 10K

27th Mitchell Hawkins 40:48

Good race but unexpectedly off-road and muddy. Not good when I only had my racing 'flats' *cue Bambi Theme Tune*

Happy to put down a marker for the start of the year.

Re: January Results

Princes parkrun 18 Jan

2nd Martin Swensson 17:31
9th Simon Birtles 19:00
21st Chris Lee 19:47
34th Martin Kelly 21:19
44th Dave Griffiths 21:53
52nd Craig Hawley 22:28
61st Michael O'Rourke 23:00
62nd John Jensen 23:02
70th Joe McGlynn 23:17
77th Tim Jones 23:51
86th Hannah Bruce 24:17
90th Mark Thomas 24:30
97th Frank Martin 24:50
100th Lee Williams 25:04 PB
106th Cath Nevin 25:14
141st Mike Welsby 27:21
155th Sylvain Husson 28:10
160th Liz Simpson 28:39
190th Rachel Rick 30:48
191st Laura Atkinson 30:49
237th Graeme Hind 41:53

Re: January Results

We have had a lot of great results recently both individually and as a team. the improvement seems spread through the training groups. The results coming in from helsby confirm this. penny lane is thriving.
although i am becoming concerned that the group leaders may be using cattle prods and horse whips

Re: January Results

Tuam 8k. 19/01,/14

Michelle Kelly 40.38

Re: January Results

Was that on the N17, stone walls and the grass is green?

Re: January Results

Yes Nigel, spot on, except the Sawdoctors (Band) exist no longer as the main man is playing away (and not with his guitar) in Nottingham!!

Re: January Results

18th January
Ashurst Beacon

Pos Name Time
3 Lawrence Eccles 40.33
42 Simone Capponi 48.12
96 Gill Darby 54.53
113 Thomas Johnson 58.01
114 Steve Pemberton 58.15

Re: January Results

Warrington parkrun (1st event)

Andy Leslie 21:51
Jo Sutherland 31:11
Cheryl Pace 39:33

Could be a quickish course on the right day with most of the run on paths around Victoria Park and the TP trail. Very busy today (over 400 runners) and a pretty muddy section round a rugby pitch slowed it down though.

Re: January Results

12/01/14 Garstang 10k

Steven Maguire 40:35

Re: January Results

25th January
Knowsley XC 12km

75 0:46:50 540 Martin Swensson
177 0:50:56 537 Lawrence Eccles
202 0:51:56 534 Neil Bullock
352 0:56:55 536 John Connolly*
404 0:59:14 539 Ian Russell
417 1:00:03 538 Mitchell Hawkins
438 1:01:20 535 Simone Capponi
DNS Neil Kelly**

*stopped for a sh*t
**forgot to enter

Re: January Results

It's the attention to detail that I like in Laurence's race reports

Re: January Results

Great runs from all today, 28th team! Top half which is amazing for us, 1st Sunday NW league team if you don't count the Liverpool Harriers

hats off to you all

Re: January Results

Well done to all the lads who battled round a very muddy course at the Northern XC Champs yesterday - a real test of physical and mental strength. Anybody who wasn't there - just take a look at the state of the course on the race photos!

A great experience for any runner to be part of that mass start and the charge up to the first hill!!

Brilliant out on the course too with loads of family members, friends and fellow runners and coaches from other clubs who were spectating on the day all shouting plenty of support for us. Very much appreciated in the tough conditions.

Really pleased to see our team score so well and finish in a very respectable overall position.

Great effort all round!