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2015 Season Memberships

Dear Members,
Please read the following carefully as it gives instructions which apply to all members.

Firstly I want to thank you for your patience in relation to getting all the memberships sorted for the 2013/14 season. It’s been a long job but I think we are there with all members now registered and paid up with UKA. If you haven’t yet received your membership card from England Athletics, then please be patient, it will arrive soon.

We now move onto the memberships due for 2014/15 season. Our memberships all run from 1st April to 31st March so all fees are now due.

2014 Membership Information


Membership fees are remaining constant for the 2014/2015 season. This means the fees due will be as follows:
a. Adult Member: £25 (Split £15 to PLS, £10 – England Athletics Fee)
b. Unwaged : £15 (Split £5 to PLS, £10 – England Athletics)


All members need to fill out a membership form. It will be made available on the website shortly. This applies to all members irrelevant of whether they have been a member for 20+ years or only joined last summer. You will not be registered with the club without a form, even if you have paid.

Forms need to be emailed to or handed to a Committee Member (preferably Andy Leslie) on a club night.

Payment Methods

The only methods of payment the club will be accepting this year are Standing Order/Bank Transfer or Cheque. Cash will not be accepted

Standing Orders

The setting up of standing orders/ bank transfers is the responsibility of the individual member. No standing order forms should be passed to any of the Committee. Details of the PLS Bank Account can be found on the Standing Order Form which is on the website

Any member with an existing standing order set up should have money taken on April 1st. It is your own responsibility to check if it is:
1) Set up to take money on the correct date
2) Set up to take the correct amount

If the money taken is the incorrect amount, then you will not be registered with the club until the full amount due is paid.

You will also not be registered if you do not complete a form as mentioned above.

There are some members due refunds from the current season. If you believe this to be the case, please speak to me prior to submitting your form. Any refund will be processed as part of your fees this season.

Andy Leslie (Treasurer)

Re: 2015 Season Memberships

To bring this to the top. I've received less than 50 forms back so far out of 200+ members. Please get them to me as soon as possible please

Re: 2015 Season Memberships

Is there a postal address that I can send my cheque and membership form to thanks?

Re: 2015 Season Memberships

Andy, Charlie Stanway asked me to print out a form for him because he does not have internet access at the moment and I forgot to do it last week.

Will get it sorted next week.

Re: 2015 Season Memberships

Hi Andy

I am still in catch up on returning back to Liverpool from working in the IoM for the past 18 months.

I have just received an email from England Athletics saying that they have not yet received my membership subscription fee for 2014/15. My club membership fee was paid by standing order on 1st April.

Are you able to advise me as to any action I need to take to sort out my EA renewal? Is there any further payment I need to make?

Many thanks

07734 973069

Re: 2015 Season Memberships

Replied to Trevor via email