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Croxteth Park 10k??

There's usually a 10k in Croxteth Park around this time of year.

I think it used to be organised by Myerscough College or a local diabetes charity.

Has anybody heard if the race is on this year?

Re: Croxteth Park 10k??

It's organised by the volunteers department up at Aintree Hospital where I work, so I'll give them a buzz tomorrow to see if it is still going ahead. I know numbers were very low last year, so hopefully they haven't binned it as it's a great little race...

Re: Croxteth Park 10k??

I struggled to find any information on the race last year, could only get links to the race from 2011 which was no good unless I had a time travelling Delorean!
Just had another look online and seems to be same situation

Re: Croxteth Park 10k??

This race gets moved around a lot. In 2013 it was indeed in May, but in 2012 it was on a midweek evening towards the end of August.

Turnout has never been great.

One common feature is that previous entrants have always received entry forms in the post. Nothing so far so that would suggest it's not on this May.

With local 10k races on both 4th May and 11th May, I wouldn't be surprised if it was shifted or ditched altogether.

Re: Croxteth Park 10k??

There definitely won’t be a race in April/May. Just spoken to them and unfortunately they don’t have enough staff to continue doing it.

Their registrations, admin and publicity are/were all still done on paper. I did set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for them last year and suggested that they manage the race though bookitzone instead: there was plenty of enthusiasm but I think a combination of too much work / too few people prevented them from taking it any further.

I’ll try to speak to the guy behind the event (one of our diabetes consultants) to see if there’s any interest in keeping it going. It’d be a shame if it disappeared: the course is fast and it’s obviously run in aid of a worthy cause. That said, we’ve got so many 10ks to choose from at this time of year that even with better publicity I suspect they’d still struggle.

Re: Croxteth Park 10k??

Shame the race isn't on this year. It must take so much energy and time to put on a race these days.

Let us know if they can get something sorted for the future.

Thanks for checking it out anyway John.

Might try for the Port Sunlight 10k in May instead.