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Attn: All members

Afternoon all, The PLS Bank Fairies kindly delivered me the first bank statements of the financial year this morning.

I've spent a lovely afternoon cross checking them to forms and have 39 members ready for Mike Roxburgh to register for the year with EA. There are 63 who have either paid the wrong amount or submitted no form and over 100 active members who haven't paid or sent a form in.

Can all members send a form in asap along with checking their OWN bank account to make sure the payments that have come out are correct please (£25/£15)?

All cheques will be banked when I can get into Warrington to deposit them.

Re: Attn: All members

Hi Andy

I've checked my account and I forgot to change my standing order from twenty to twenty-five.

How do I pay the extra fiver and could you email me the form I need to complete and then I can get my admin sorted.

You can email it to



Re: Attn: All members

Hi Andrew twenty pounds has come from my account 1st April for club fee. Please can you Email me a form and I can return the form with the additional fiver. Cheers!