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Thank you

I just wanted to say thanks for the Sports Personality prize.

I’m sorry I was not really with it last night, fumbled through the xc prizes and generally spoke to people as if they’d just landed from planet Zorg. Friday is my crash day and yesterday was no exception: Pete had to kick me off the couch and into the shower in an attempt to wake me up so I could come along. Anyway all this to say I am really grateful you thought of me even though it may not have appeared so last night – you are lovely people, so much nicer than me in fact since I never got around to organising myself to vote for anybody (I promise to do better next year).

As my all-time fictional role model once said “We all contribute, each according to our gift”. I’m really pleased that I can actually do something that you think is useful for the club.

Thank you

Re: Thank you

Well done to you Christina,and well done to all who got a trophy,and to those who missed out we hope last night inspires you to try that much harder to get amongst them next year.A special thanks to our captains Jane and Dale what a job they do, and so modest as well Thanks,and finally to Eunice , the food was great ,veg curry and scouse went done very well,thanks to you John as well.It was a great night for Penny Lane Striders.

Re: Thank you

you had me at the post race mini celebration box...
That must be the absolute winner!!


Re: Thank you

Ah well done Cristina. Didn't know you got that as I couldn't make it, but well deserved.

Pleased Frank got a gong too.

Re: Thank you

Think you got one too, Oonagh!

Re: Thank you

Not for personality or services to the club surely?

Grumpiest occasional member of group 3? Most reckless in charge of a buggy? Standing like a girl (thanks Eamon!)