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Affiliated UKA Number


Does anyone know who would be best to contact with regards to me getting my number, so I can start applying for races rather than still being a nomad.

I only joined this April and I've heard it takes a while for it to come through. So perhaps I'm being impatient, but just curious..

Any advice would be great, even if it's just a "shut up and be patient".

Re: Affiliated UKA Number

Have you tried to email them already(UKA)?
I think you can always claim you're a PLS to the race organiser and tell them to check if they don't believe you.

I hope this helps.


Re: Affiliated UKA Number

till you get one
just make one up
but don't use pls007 that's mine!

Re: Affiliated UKA Number

Hello brendan. i have ad a look on the database and you are not yet registered. it could be that it is being processed by EA. its not unusual for it to take a while. mike roxbourough (membership secretary) may know more you could ask him on a club night

Re: Affiliated UKA Number

Registered 123 of you buggers last night .... Yes i was up until 1.30am! If you need your urn numbers whilst you wait for EA to get their **** in gear let me know and ill get it for you off the database

Re: Affiliated UKA Number

Nice one mike