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June Results

Results from last night's Birkenhead 5m

04-Jun-14 5m
Birkenhead Park
Lawrence Eccles 00:29:27
Nigel Grant 00:30:05
Christopher Lee 00:32:10
Ian Russell 00:32:37
Colin Dobbs 00:32:51
Andrew Leslie 00:33:05
John Jensen 00:33:27
Marty Hirrell 00:33:55
Paul Brady 00:33:57
Steve Pemberton 00:34:13
Andy Cantwell 00:34:24
Jay Clarke 00:34:29
Kate McGing 00:34:33
Michael O'Rourke 00:35:00
Mike Devereux 00:35:10
Kathryn Sharkey 00:35:34
Michelle King 00:35:51
Louise Warn 00:37:08
Cheryl Pace 00:39:42
Cath Nevin 00:40:02
Keith Boyle 00:40:45
Rachel Rick 00:41:18
Jane Nicholson 00:41:19
Eamonn Brady 00:46:02

Re: June Results

Wigan Trail 10k 1st June

Jane Eardley 50.04

Re: June Results

Badger 10k Trail Race (1/3) Cuerden Valley Park, Bamber Bridge,Preston,Lancs

John Bampton 46.02
Michelle Cobourn 47.04
Keith Boyle. 58.21
Eunice Nopondo. 63.34

Great weather, beautiful scenery, next race Thursday 3rd July at 7.30

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6 June - Dunham Massey Park 5k

Martin Swensson 16.00 (4th overall)
Michelle Kelly 24.20 & John Kelly 24.20 (jogger!)

Re: June Results

7.6.14 - Workington Parkrun

8. David Cain 20:19
13. Susan Cain 21:28 - 1st lady

64 Runners - very warm, a welcomed slight drizzle in the second half.

Re: June Results

Merseyvend 5k, 7th June

23 Andy Leslie 19:49
28 John Jensen 20:10
32 Richard Thorpe 20:32 PB?
33 Marty Hirrell 20:33
34 Andy Cantwell 20:37 PB
58 William Darby 24:15
59 Michelle Kelly 24:30
60 John Kelly 24:30
62 Tommy Gates 25:00

Re: June Results

2014 Big Welsh Trail, Llandegla
Rachel Rick 28/44 women Gun time 02:42:21

Re: June Results

Mersey Tunnel 10k 8/6/14

Well done to Martin for finishing in 2nd place

Martin Swensson 00:33:43
John Connolly 00:36:42
Neil Bullock 00:37:16
Andrew Keeley 00:39:11 pb
Colin Dobbs 00:40:45
Brendan Murphy 00:41:22
Ian Russell 00:41:51
Marc Littlefield 00:41:07
Jerome Doyle 00:43:21
Paul Brady 00:43:42
Kathryn Sharkey 00:44:47
Stephen Watkin 00:45:56
Kate McGing 00:44:21
Martin Kelly 00:44:16
Greg Hocking 00:44:53
Mike ORourke 00:45:59
Rachael Quinn 00:50:09
Louise Warn 00:48:53
Cheryl Pace 00:50:06
Esther Van Ginneken 00:50:51
Daniel Sweeney 00:50:10
Mal Taylor 00:51:04
Terence Long 00:53:39
Billy Sergeson 00:52:37
Ben Freeney 00:53:27
Rob Bruchez-Corbett 00:53:29
Keith Boyle 00:53:57
Ronnie Bowcock 00:54:25
Eamonn Brady 00:56:46
Kevin Mooney 00:56:06
Ruth Fisher 00:57:26
Althea Deane 00:59:53
Tim Jones 00:56:54
Jo Bruchez-Corbett 01:00:35
Elizabeth Formela 01:00:31
Laura Atkinson 01:00:55
Jody Hazeldine 01:03:18
Colin Moneypenny 01:02:39
Joanne Sutherland 01:06:08
Rachel Rick 01:21:56

Re: June Results

Fleetwood 10k - 8th June

Strong headwind didn't help.....

Emma Kearney 46.42 ( 3rd Female & 1st F35 )
Mike Roxburgh 46.53

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Round up of parkrun 7/6/14

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

Paul BRADY 00:21:13
Andrew BIDDLE 00:21:26
Stephen John PEMBERTON 00:21:35
David LYNAN 00:22:40
Frank MARTIN 00:22:57
Joe MCGLYNN 00:23:20
Matthew TOLLITT 00:24:13
Jane NICHOLSON 00:25:33
Mike WELSBY 00:25:58
Catherine Elizabeth NEVIN 00:26:02
Jo GIBSON 00:29:01
Rachel RICK 00:30:19
Rebecca PRICE 00:31:34
Cheryl PACE 00:32:17

Workington parkrun

David CAIN 00:20:19
Susan CAIN 00:21:28

Ormskirk parkrun

Michelle COBOURN 00:21:38

Re: June Results

7th & 8th June

10th Lawrence Eccles (and Garry Beardwood a non-PLS fellow)
Day 1 - 09:36:15 (10th)
Day 2 - 07:04:53 (7th)

The LAMM, or Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon for long, is a two day navigation team race in Scotland.

Re: June Results

Quiet weekend break up North then Lawrence?

Re: June Results

Trafford Grand Prix 3000m 11th June 2014

John Connolly 9:58

Re: June Results 2014

Accelerate Edale Fell Race - Peak District

Sunday 8th June

200th Tony Man 1.04.01

225 Ran, walk and climb Warm and sunny

Re: June Results 2014

Tunnel 10k 08/06/14

In addition to the individual results for the Tunnel both the men and women came second in the respective team results too! Great running everyone!

Re: June Results 2014

If Ste Ricketts hadn't stopped on the prom for a stretch and to take in the scenery, the men would've won the team prize!

Re: June Results

Walsh Two Lads Fell Race, Horwich
Thursday 12th June

Cat BS, 5.25 miles, 900' ascent

38. Neil Bullock 39:31
105. Ian Russell 44:56
132. John Bampton 47:31
190. Eunice Nopondo 01:04:42

Verdict: Bloody Tough!! Nice scenery though, and quite hard not to stop and refresh yourself in the streams

Fell over (again!)and ran through a kissing gate when there was an open gate next to it. Other than that a good race and well done to all PLS who took part

Re: June Results

Knowsley Active Challenge 5k

Andy Keeley 00:19:14

Re: June Results

parkrun round up from 14/6/14

Arrow Valley parkrun

Andrew BIDDLE 00:20:20

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

Carl BALSHAW 00:19:47
Jerome DOYLE 00:20:34
Andy CANTWELL 00:20:35
Robert BRUCHEZ-CORBETT 00:20:58
Paul BRADY 00:20:59
Trevor ASTELL 00:21:40
Gregory HOCKING 00:22:02
Michael O'ROURKE 00:22:52
Joe MCGLYNN 00:22:59
David LYNAN 00:23:01
Mark THOMAS 00:23:24
Frank MARTIN 00:24:09
Matthew TOLLITT 00:24:23
Ben FREENEY 00:25:50
Graham HUSSEY 00:26:05
Samantha KENNY 00:26:15
Anthony WOODS 00:26:50
Anna WATKIN 00:27:14
Craig HAWLEY 00:27:20
Cheryl PACE 00:27:38
Colin MONEYPENNY 00:29:20
Rachel RICK 00:29:29
Rebecca PRICE 00:30:36

Sport in the Port 10k 15/6/14

COLIN DOBBS 00:41:01
MICHAEL DEVEREUX 00:43:52 1st M60
TERRY LONG 00:55:01

Re: June Results

Gosforth 10 mile - 11.6.14

26. David Cain 69:41 1st V55
43. Susan Cain 75:38 1st FV55 + spot prize

90 runners - a very warm evening. £7 to enter with a medal and a drinks bottle with orange juice in at the finish, along with spot prizes of boxes of Roses.

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Mystery 5k 17/6/14

Massive turn out from the Striders.

17-Jun-14 5k
Mystery (2/5)
Nigel Grant 00:18:02
Dale Higham 00:18:27
Andy Keeley 00:18:44 pb
Steve Maguire 00:18:56
Christopher Lee 00:18:58
Mitch Hawkins 00:19:11
Marc Littlefield 00:19:12
Graham Halsall 00:19:18
Ste McNicholas 00:19:19
Jay Clarke 00:19:33
Colin Dobbs 00:19:33
Andrew Leslie 00:19:52
Marty Hirrell 00:19:56
Jonathan Toft 00:19:59
Thomas Rimmer 00:20:03
John Jensen 00:20:13
Andrew Biddle 00:20:16
Kate McGing 00:20:18
Andy Cantwell 00:20:40
R Cooper 00:20:48
Steve Pemberton 00:20:49
Julien Tour 00:20:54
Gregory Hocking 00:21:09
Michael O'Rourke 00:21:09
Mike Devereux 00:21:21
Stephen Watkin 00:21:24
Michelle King 00:21:27
Shane Knott 00:22:02
Louise Warn 00:22:17
Tony Man 00:22:38
Joe McGlynn 00:22:50
Bill Sergeson 00:23:12
Matthew Tollitt 00:23:33
Gill Darby 00:23:41
Ben Freeney 00:24:02
Kate MacFarlane 00:24:15
Cath Nevin 00:24:17
Rachel Rick 00:24:43
Anna Watkin 00:24:44
Njideka Agwuna 00:24:58
Ruth Fisher 00:25:34
Judith Dyer 00:25:41
Jane Nicholson 00:26:26
Eunice Nopondo 00:26:48
Anthony Woods 00:26:50
James Stansfield 00:29:35
Rebecca Price 00:29:48
Jo Sutherland 00:29:57

Re: June Results

Hollins Green 5k - 14th June 2014

Martin Swensson 15:59 (1st place and equalled my PB)
Michelle Kelly 24:05 (1st Lady V55)
John Kelly 24:05

Re: June Results

Great running, Martin and the Kellys

Re: June Results

19 June 2014 - Dunham Massey 5k ( Race 4 of 5)

Martin Swensson 15:59
Nigel Grant 18:02
John Kelly 24:25
Michelle Kelly 24:25

Re: June Results

15 June 2014 - SDW100 (100mile trail race)

79th Cristina Puccini 23h14'31"

Re: June Results

18th June
Hotfoot Up Famau
3.5 Mile, 1200ft

3rd Lawrence Eccles 38:25

Re: June Results

14.6.14 - Man -v- Horse

45. Relay Team - Maria Kelly, Neil Kelly, Rob Hardwick 3:27:44
137. Simone Capponi 4:00:36
197. David Cain 4:14:08
DNF Relay Team - Tony Man, Sam Darby (Gill Darby - DNS)
DNS Susan Cain

Very hot and very muddy almost half the horses either pulled out or were pulled out by the vet because of the heat - but the runners carried on regardless!

Re: June Results

Workington Parkrun - 21.6.14 - 1st Anniversary

18. David Cain 20:18
90. Susan Cain 41:06

Nice hot day. I decided to be the sweep-up runner and had a slow jog/fast walk with a nice girl who was suffering from the heat and had to use her inhaler a couple of times, but we got back in time for the birthday cake and tray-bakes!

Re: June Results

22nd June

Freckleton Half Marathon
Andy Leslie 1:38:59

Hot,hot,hot. 2pm start due to the gala weekend. Really good, locally organised race with beach towel and excellent medal as rewards plus a brew at the finish.

Re: June Results

Lymm 5k - 21 June 2014

Martin Swensson 16:31
Michelle Kelly 24:43

This hot and hilly 5k was the last race in the 2014 North Cheshire Grand Prix. The local Council have changed their policy relating to road closures for this race which probably means it won't be held again. The organisers are looking for other race routes in the local area where they don't need to use public roads so fingers crossed the race series is back next year.

In the overall Grand Prix (best 4 races out of 5 to count), Michelle and I both won our respective categories this year (Senior Men and V55 Ladies) and were rewarded with a nice bottle of champagne each.

Re: June 2014 Results

Tattenhall Tough Team Race
(approx 9m/Road/MT)

Friday 20th June

40th Midsummer's Night Dream Team 1.23.51
Gill Darby, Rob Hardwick, Tony Man

55 Teams completed

A very nice warm sunny evening team run through the Cheshire countryside

Re: June 2014 Results

Round up of parkrun 21/6/14

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

Lawrence ECCLES 00:18:39
Jonathan TOFT 00:19:37
Jerome DOYLE 00:20:21
John JENSEN 00:20:48
Stephen WATKIN 00:21:05
Steven MAGUIRE 00:21:49
Stephen John PEMBERTON 00:21:50
Trevor ASTELL 00:21:51
Mark THOMAS 00:22:46
Joe MCGLYNN 00:23:11
Bill SERGESON 00:23:47
Catherine Elizabeth NEVIN 00:24:25
Michael O'ROURKE 00:24:47
Jane NICHOLSON 00:25:31
Anna WATKIN 00:25:38
Ben FREENEY 00:25:56
Anthony WOODS 00:26:56
Oonagh JAQUEST 00:27:42
Liz SIMPSON 00:28:15
Philip MURRAY 00:32:00

Workington parkrun

David CAIN 00:20:18
Susan CAIN 00:41:06

Re: June 2014 Results

26-Jun-14 10k
Martin Swensson 00:34:29
Andy Keeley 00:39:28
Andrew Leslie 00:40:59 pb
Mike Devereux 00:43:42
Kathryn Sharkey 00:43:43
Steve Pemberton 00:44:46
Shane Knott 00:45:21
Dave Lynam 00:45:38
Michelle Kelly 00:49:42
Esther Van Ginneken 00:50:21
Cheryl Pace 00:50:32
James Stansfield 01:00:10

Re: June 2014 Results

Warrington 10k - Official time 1:01:31
I have trawled through my past 10k results and I think this is definitely a PB for me! :)

Re: June 2014 Results

Mine's a PB :-)

Re: June 2014 Results

!1st vet 60+

Re: June 2014 Results

Round Up of parkrun for the 28/6/14

Lincoln parkrun

Jo GIBSON 00:28:18

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

Andrew BIDDLE 00:20:31
John JENSEN 00:20:48
Richard THORPE 00:20:49
Michael O'ROURKE 00:21:48
Trevor ASTELL 00:22:03
Joe MCGLYNN 00:23:15
Mark THOMAS 00:23:20
Kate MACFARLANE 00:24:11
Matthew TOLLITT 00:24:28
Anna WATKIN 00:24:55
Stephen WATKIN 00:24:57
Cheryl PACE 00:25:21
Esther VAN GINNEKEN 00:25:51
Catherine Elizabeth NEVIN 00:26:36
Oonagh JAQUEST 00:26:40
Diane HENNIGAN 00:26:42
Andrew KEELEY 00:26:43
Althea DEANE 00:29:31
Samantha KENNY 00:29:50
Rebecca PRICE 00:30:34
Philip MURRAY 00:31:45

Darlington South Park parkrun

Louise WARN 00:23:01

Wimpole Estate parkrun

Andrew LESLIE 00:21:56

Hillsborough parkrun

Tony MAN 00:23:35

Workington parkrun

David CAIN 00:20:33
Susan CAIN 00:21:59

Ormskirk parkrun

Michelle COBOURN 00:21:06

Re: June 2014 Results

Arley Hall 10k 29th June

15 Nigel Grant 37:34 1st V50
102 Mal Balmer 44:20
117 Marc Vincent 45:18
154 Gill Darby 47:50
174 Cath Nevin 48:55 1st FV55
213 Michelle Kelly 50:37
458 Emma Phillips 1:10:55
459 Julie Balmer 1:10:55

Re: June 2014 Results

Rhyl Runfest


Martin Swensson 00:16:55

Half Marathon

Dave Lynam 01:46:52
Colin O'Brien 01:54:56
Ronald Bowcock 01:54:57
Terence Long 01:59:23


Samantha Kenny 04:29:47

Well done everyone. pb's anyone?

Re: June 2014 Results

28th and 29th June
Western States 100

51st Lawrence Eccles 21:15:02

Apparently it was mild as it was only in the 80s.

Re: June 2014 Results

Lawrence, That is a fantastic achievement. 2nd Brit home behind Jez Bragg (if you don't count Ian Sharman who has gone native).

To the uninitiated this is one of the most prestigious and tough ultras in the world and just getting in is quite an achievement.

"Starting in Squaw Valley, California near the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics and ending 100.2 miles later in Auburn, California, Western States, in the decades since its inception in 1974, has come to represent one of the ultimate endurance tests in the world.

Following the historic Western States Trail, runners climb more than 18,000 feet and descend nearly 23,000 feet before they reach the finish line at Placer High School in Auburn. In the miles between Squaw Valley and Auburn, runners experience the majestic high country beauty of Emigrant Pass and the Granite Chief Wilderness, the crucible of the canyons of the California gold country, a memorable crossing of the ice-cold waters of the main stem of the Middle Fork of the American River, and, during the latter stages, the historic reddish-brown-colored trails that led gold-seeking prospectors and homesteading pilgrims alike to the welcoming arms of Auburn."

Re: June 2014 Results

Tideswell Fell Race - Peak District

Friday 27th June

58th Tony Man 41.50

Only 67 entries
Course : fell, MT, fields, path and road

Re: June 2014 Results

Thanks Andy,

Getting entry to the Western States is based on luck (for me at least as I am not world class). I got in by entering a lottery in November 2013. Tickets are then allocated to runners who enter the lottery based on ability and previous failed entries. If you fail to get entry to the race it costs nothing; what's to lose. There is also a raffle option (separate draw) were you can pay for as many tickets as you like

Re: June Results

Harrock Hill Race (2/4)
25th June 2014

10. Neil Bullock 36:54
51. Simone Capponi 42:04

2 and a half weeks for results to be published...gotta be a record!