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New Training T-Shirts

Hi all,

At the recent AGM, the issue of kit was raised and a good idea that was put forward was for the club to have its own, bespoke training tops produced.

This is actually something that Tony (Man) was already looking into, so at the committee’s request he and I have been revisiting existing / obtaining new quotes, designs and samples from a variety of kit suppliers.

On the basis of the quality of the kit sample provided and the price quoted for each garment, the committee has now chosen a preferred supplier for the tees. There are two separate designs and below are two links to illustrations of what they will look like: samples of these actual designs have been requested and should be available to show at the club within the next 2-3 weeks. To avoid any confusion, the coloured outlines on the illustrations are to show size variances and as such won’t be part of the actual design!

The tees themselves are made from a standard wicking material and will be available in the usual variety of sizes, as well as in a gender-specific fit. Based on the quotes supplied we’re looking at a cost of around £18 per tee, although the exact figure will be confirmed in due course.

If anyone has trouble viewing the images, I've also posted links onto our Facebook page.