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Thunder Run - Thanks

Thanks to all PLS team members at the Thunder Run 24; it was a blast and was lovely to catch up with everyone. Definitely a brilliant weekend and I would highly recommend this event to everyone! Naturally the weather made it perfect; hot and sunny, just as I like it.

Special thanks to our fantastic team in 5F category (PLS Five Stars); Cristina, Myka and 2x Claires. Girls were ace.

Untill next year?


Re: Thunder Run - Thanks

Put it in your diary cos I won't accept anything less than a letter from Sauli Niinistö to let you off from coming along next year.

Same goes for Clare, Claire and Myka. Only they can apply for exemption at Westminster.

Re: Thunder Run - Thanks

Don't worry, we're allin for 2015! Had a brilliant time, thanks to everyone who went. Must have seemed a short course for you two, suppose you could have thrown in a 100 miler while you were waiting!
Great company with Penny Lane Striders as always, fab weekend. See you all soon x