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Cross Country Training Sessions

I want to set up weekly training sessions to give people a chance to start getting used to running about in the grass and a bit of mud in advance of the start of the season.

I am available to take a group around Clarkes Gardens and the other parks on Saturdays for an 11:30 start. A session would last approx. 45 min so you would be home in time for lunch!

This would also accommodate anyone who wants to do the parkrun as a bit of a warmup.

I suggest we meet up at Clarkes Gardens by the barrier - this way those of us who only have spikes can drive straight up to the start.

Unfortunately I cannot do anything before 11:30 but I could see if another leader is available for an earlier start. Alternatively, if more people prefer an afternoon option, I am happy to make it a 14:00 start.

Can you let me know here if you would like to attend a Sat session and if you would prefer 11:30 or 14:00 as a start time.

Re: Cross Country Training Sessions

A great introduction to X/C running at our venue,also anybody who are trying there X/C shoes for the first time, do not wait until the day.

Re: Cross Country Training Sessions

Hello Christina,I can help out on Saturdays with xc run and know a couple of routes around Clare's gardens.can make 09.30 start if this is preferable.

Re: Cross Country Training Sessions

11:30 would be good for me, but I am free all this Saturday so can do whatever time suits.

Re: Cross Country Training Sessions

Feedback on facebook says everyone interested is happy with 11:30 so we'll stick with that for this week and take it from there.

Also the first Graham that posted I take it you're Graham Beardsmore? If so I won't be in Liverpool next Saturday so if you can take the session next week it will be fab.

Re: Cross Country Training Sessions

Hi Cristina,
Sorry, I won't be able to make following Saturday as have got race planned.

Re: Cross Country Training Sessions

No worries I will sort something out thanks anyway