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Trail/Hill/Long distance running

Dear fellow Striders,

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Pauls and I recently (some couple of months ago) moved from Glasgow back to Liverpool and subsequently joined Penny Lane Striders.

My primary interests are trail, hill (enjoyed my time enormously at ) and long distance running.

I would much appreciate your advice what of that is available in Liverpool and perhaps locally at the club.


Re: Trail/Hill/Long distance running

Hi Pauls,
Welcome to PLS!

Come and see me at club nights and we can have a chat at the multiple options!
I'm the beardy Italian...
In the meantime, have a browse in the "links" section on the PLS website, for fell running website and other useful sites...
We also run the MTCT (multi terrain challenge trophy), you can browse the details on the website too..
On the other hand, if you mean training, we often run off road, well I do anyway, in and around the countless parks in the south of Liverpool...
Sefton, Clarkes gardens (home of our own cross country race), allerton priory, cemetery and golf course, calderstone, camp hill, woolton and childwall woods...
I could go on but you've got the gist...


Re: Trail/Hill/Long distance running

Thanks for response!

I plan to come for a run with the club tonight, hopefully will catch you then.

I just miss my regular hill routine, but obviously Merseyside has a bit different terrain than Scotland.

I wonder is there any marathon training group or something like that at the club? Would be keen to join, otherwise it is sometimes boring to run on my own.



Re: Trail/Hill/Long distance running

hi there what sort of pace do you run at?

Re: Trail/Hill/Long distance running

Hi Christina,

Thanks for your response! I just couple months ago moved from Glasgow down South to Liverpool (lol). Don't have my own routes, open to any suggestions. Happy to join marathon training group as well.

Adore non pavement based running, tho

Re: Trail/Hill/Long distance running

The only reason I asked what pace you run is that there's no point in offering to come out with you if you run too fast for me! I often go running to Wales so happy to give you a lift if you ever want to come along.

May be there on Sunday if a last minute number for Chester marathon doesn't arrive in time.

I am currently training for a marathon. My long runs are at around 8:20ish

See what you think. If you fancy a bit of parkrunning come to the xc taster tomorrow 11:30 at Clarkes Gardens, might be able to find you some suitable training partners there.