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memberships reminder

I must be starting to sound like a broken record now but I really need to emphasise this to everyone. With the XC season due to start and the Andrew Stansfield memorial 5k due to take place just after - you must be a fully registered member to take part in these. Fully registered means you have fully paid up your membership fee for this year -£25 for waged or £15 for unwaged or students - and you have also submitted your membership form for the year april14 to March 15. If you have not done both of these things you will not be registered with us and you will not be allowed to race. Some people have partially paid and some have paid but not submitted their form - you need to have done both. Please can you make sure you are paid up. We are still seeing people racing in the club vest and showing on results on the forum even from this weekend who have not yet fully registered which is not acceptable six months into our racing year. If you have any doubts as to whether you are registered please private message or email me.
I also need to stress to newer members with the club that you cannot race under the Penny Lane club name until you have also paid up your membership fee and submitted your form.
Thank you again folks

Re: memberships reminder

You heard the man. I have on my xc list a number of people who fall into this category. I presume you know who you are.

Can you please contact Chris & sort out your membership by Friday otherwise I will have to take you off the list and if you turn up for xc I will have to ask the finish marshals not to give you a token. You have been warned. If you are in any doubt pm on facebook or email me on the address provided here and I will tell you if you are good to go or not.

Come on, it's not difficult is it.

Re: memberships reminder

if these people are still coming down to the club and racing in club colours
some times its the only way

Re: memberships reminder

Totally agree with non-members being named and defo should not be allowed participate in the Lamplight 5k on 28th October.