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Thank you

I believe I got a round of applause after the lamplight 5k tonight for organising xc. You are a very nice bunch indeed. And I wasn't ignoring you, just had to leave straight after the run.

Thank you for the acknowledgment, it was a really nice gesture and I'm really pleased the race went well. It was our biggest turnout by far with 320 people actually counted into the results. Last year we had 260 and I thought it was a massive turnout then!

Yesterday I received a really nice email from one of the Active Women complimenting us on the race we put on. She said she'd really enjoyed it even thought she'd taken a tumble in the woods - one of our lot picked her up. I told her I'd thank the Mystery Strider.

Re: Thank you

I think the mystery Strider is Bill Sergeson.

Re: Thank you

Nice touch Bill, well done la.

Re: Thank you

Cheers guys, it was me.