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November Results & Race Report

parkrun round up


Crystal Palace parkrun

Julien TOUR 00:21:45

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

John JENSEN 00:19:50
Simon BIRTLES 00:19:51
Richard THORPE 00:20:20
Rob COOPER 00:20:39
David QUINN 00:21:07
David GRIFFITHS 00:21:37
Michelle KING 00:21:38
Michael O'ROURKE 00:21:58
Mike ROXBURGH 00:22:05
Gregory HOCKING 00:22:18
Stephen GORMAN 00:22:45
Stephen WATKIN 00:23:59
Elizabeth LYNAN 00:24:55
Mike WELSBY 00:24:56
Emma KEARNEY 00:25:44
Catherine Elizabeth NEVIN 00:25:58
Jane NICHOLSON 00:26:03
Kate MACFARLANE 00:26:08
Joe MCGLYNN 00:26:29
Matthew TOLLITT 00:27:12
Colin MONEYPENNY 00:28:19
Rebecca PRICE 00:28:36
Jim GARVEY 00:29:53
Anthony WOODS 00:29:55
Rachel RICK 00:47:18

Workington parkrun

Susan CAIN 00:24:53

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge

Jo GIBSON 00:29:46

Re: November Results & Race Report

And from the Merseyvend 5k

01-Nov-14 5k
Martin Swensson 00:16:07
Jay Clarke 00:17:51
Lawrence Eccles 00:17:55
Christopher Lee 00:18:39
Andrew Leslie 00:19:22
Marty Hirrell 00:20:10
Ian Russell 00:20:18
John Bampton 00:20:30
Fiona Dutton 00:21:08
Bill Sergeson 00:23:26
Sam Darby 00:24:18
Gill Darby 00:24:19
Michelle Kelly 00:25:06
John Kelly 00:25:14
Eunice Nopondo 00:26:58

Re: November Results & Race Report

PB for me at the Halewood 5k!

Re: November Results & Race Report

2nd November
Clwydian Hills Fell Race
15km, 900m

Position Name Time
4 Lawrence Eccles 78:32
133 Tony Man 127:43
134 Gill Darby 127:43

Free cake and drink at the finish plus a USB cup warmer for the prize winners and anybody else who wanted one (I did not see anybody take one). In good fell race fashion a check-point moved during the race and another was in the wrong place. The proper race report is at:

Re: November Results & Race Report

Brooks hell run 1st Nov. 4th overall 1hr38

Re: November Results & Race Report

Results below may miss some PLS runners as no club identified.

02-Nov-14 10k
Jonathan Toft 00:39:11
Colin Dobbs 00:39:36
Ste McNicholas 00:40:11
Jerome Doyle 00:41:46
Kathryn Sharkey 00:43:43
Barry Bright 00:45:09
John Guy 00:45:18
Michael Sharkey 00:49:21

Re: November Results & Race Report

Add to the above for Cheshire 10k

Brendan Murphy 00:42:12

Re: November Results & Race Report

Sat 8th Nov
Betws-Y-Coed Trail Challenge

16. Neil Bullock 44:37

England and Wales internationals on show, winner back in 35:34. Drizzle, sunshine and rainbows! Great race, great setting / scenery, the type of stuff that makes you love running. Will be going back again next year for sure

November Results & Race Report


The Windmill 10k in Lytham

Thomas King - 41.19 PB

Very flat, very pretty and very well organised.

Re: November Results & Race Report

Weekend parkrun results:

Debi MCMILLAN 00:38:06

St Helens
Andrew LESLIE 00:19:50 1st

Jay CLARKE 00:18:29
Richard THORPE 00:19:54 PB
David OWENS 00:19:57
Rob COOPER 00:20:38
Thomas KING 00:20:56
Julien TOUR 00:20:57
Stephen WATKIN 00:21:03
David GRIFFITHS 00:21:38
Mike ROXBURGH 00:22:07
Gregory HOCKING 00:22:27
Simone CAPPONI 00:22:44
Paul RILEY 00:22:45
Michael O'ROURKE 00:23:00
Trish DUDLEY 00:23:11
Bill SERGESON 00:23:37
Roz GIBSON 00:23:37
Craig HAWLEY 00:23:38
Emma KEARNEY 00:23:58
Elizabeth LYNAN 00:24:29
Mike WELSBY 00:24:37
Samantha KENNY 00:24:51
Kate MACFARLANE 00:25:31
Keith BOYLE 00:25:50
Matthew TOLLITT 00:26:17
Anna WATKIN 00:26:51
Esther VAN GINNEKEN 00:26:54
Tommy GATES 00:27:11
Anne OXBROUGH 00:27:22
Anna SCOTT 00:28:02 PB
Rebecca PRICE 00:28:31
Anthony WOODS 00:28:35
Laura ATKINSON 00:28:56
Jim GARVEY 00:29:27
Rachel RICK 00:44:16

Susan CAIN 00:22:53

Fell Foot, Newby Bridge
Gill DARBY 00:25:57
Sam DARBY 00:26:52

PBs for Anna and Richard (first time under 20 mins) at Princes, whilst our esteemed Treasurer powered to his first ever race victory at St Helens. Well done all- sorry if I've missed any PBs.

Re: November Results & Race Report

Carrieres By Night
8th November
21km 400m ascent

12th Lawrence Eccles 01:32:05
364th Cristina Puccini 02:18:01

The race started at twilight, which quickly turned to darkness as we entered into the woods. I should point out that Cristina sprained her ankle to detract attention from my 12th place and explain why she never won the women's race. Cake, fruit, water and mulled wine was available at the finish.

Re: November Results & Race Report

Sandgrounder Southport 10K

Paul Doyle 62 46.05 M50/7 SB

Kevin Mooney 170 57.11 M/76

216 runners took part in almost surreal, November, Spring-like weather. Ideal racing conditions on a fast, relatively flat course.
I put my SB time down in part to the PLS Thursday night "hills" session paying dividends!

Re: November Results & Race Report

16.11.14 - Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile race

254. David Cain 70:32

646 runners - ideal weather conditions.

Re: November Results & Race Report

16th November Preston 10 miler

4 37 Martin Swensson M Penny Lane Striders 00:54:06
58 312 Colin Dobbs M Penny Lane Striders 01:04:47 pb
115 289 John Bampton M Penny Lane Striders 01:09:46 pb
118 191 Martin Hirrell MV45 Penny Lane Striders 01:09:49
178 451 Mike Roxburgh MV45 Penny Lane Striders 01:14:28 pb
204. 169 Myka Heard 01:16:37 Penny Lane Striders 01:16:37 pb
210 452 Emma Kearney FV35 Penny Lane Striders 01:17:05
224 215 Tony Man MV45 Penny Lane Striders 01:18:21
260 135 Gill Darby FV50 Penny Lane Striders 01:21:35
315 263 Keith Boyle MV40 Penny Lane Striders 01:26:26
321 246 Michelle Kelly FV55 Penny Lane Striders 01:26:52
322 247 John Kelly MV50 Penny Lane Striders 01:26:52
356 290 Terry Long MV60 Penny Lane Striders 01:30:34
363 288 Eunice Nopondo FV50 Penny Lane Striders 01:32:14

myka heards 01:16:37 puts her 4th on the f45 club all time records

emma kearneys 01:17:05 would put her 3rd on the club all time f35 records however her time of 01:16:44 at the Blackpool 10 miler in may beats that but isnt recorded on the list.

Re: November Results & Race Report

Parkrun results, 15/11/2014

St Helens
Andrew LESLIE 00:19:52
Gregory HOCKING 00:21:41

Roz GIBSON 00:23:47
Jo GIBSON 00:28:01

Dan THOMAS 00:18:37
Jonathan TOFT 00:19:18
John JENSEN 00:19:50
David GRIFFITHS 00:21:22
David QUINN 00:21:22
Andrew BIDDLE 00:21:33
Trevor ASTELL 00:21:58
Michael O'ROURKE 00:22:48
Trish DUDLEY 00:22:53
Craig HAWLEY 00:23:39
Mark THOMAS 00:23:50
Joe MCGLYNN 00:23:58
Matthew TOLLITT 00:24:58
Anna WATKIN 00:26:19
Tommy GATES 00:26:50
Anne OXBROUGH 00:27:05
Jane NICHOLSON 00:28:25
Catherine NEVIN 00:28:25
Anna SCOTT 00:28:41
Rebecca PRICE 00:28:45
Debi MCMILLAN 00:37:00
Anthony WOODS 00:41:55

Susan CAIN 00:23:00

Valerie DESBOROUGH 00:24:08

Re: November Results & Race Report

Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

Mal Taylor 00:48:00 PB
Bill Sergeson 00:49:27

Re: November Results & Race Report

Dave Owens needs adding to the Halewood 5k results from the start of the month with a time of 19:45. The results have him listed as a M55 Mossley Hill runner!

Re: November Results & Race Report

Leeds Abbey Dash 10k 16th November

Jay Clarke 36:49

David Owens 40:55

Kathryn Sharkey 44:39

John Guy 45:21

Mal Taylor 48:00

Billy Sergeson 49:27

Re: November Results & Race Report

Conwy Half Marathon

Neil Bullock 01:21:15 PB
Colin Dobbs 01:27:36
Jon Toft 01:28:38 PB
Thomas Rimmer 01:32:22
Brendan Murphy 01:38:32
Dave Griffiths 01:42:33
Marc Goudie 01:49:37
Stuart Harrison 01:49:19
Stephen Gorman 01:53:18
Ron Bowcock 01:56:08
Colin O'Brien 01:56:09
Sam Kenny 01:59:54
Matt Tollitt 02:00:08
Jane Nicholson 02:07:17
Terry Long 02:07:06
Claire O'Callaghan 02:10:30
Claire Stanistreet 02:29:03

Full results at

Great turnout, great event, great effort by our lads and lasses in the white and black
. A bit windy around the Great Orme and a slight course change from previous years.

Not sure on pb's so just let us know

Re: November Results & Race Report

Sunday 23rd November
Chorley Fire 10k

21st Andrew Biddle 42:19
27th Andy Cantwell 43:43

Another friendly and well organised race from FCR.

This was it's first year and they are keen to do it again next year. One to watch at £12!

Re: November Results & Race Report

Round up of parkrun results from 22/11/14

South Manchester parkrun

Hannah BRUCE 00:22:25

St Helens parkrun

John JENSEN 00:19:54

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

Dan THOMAS 00:18:37
David QUINN 00:21:13
Stephen WATKIN 00:21:44
Michael O'ROURKE 00:21:51
Trevor ASTELL 00:22:08
Trish DUDLEY 00:22:49
Roz GIBSON 00:23:06
Joe MCGLYNN 00:23:25
Craig HAWLEY 00:23:44
Mark THOMAS 00:24:05
Esther VAN GINNEKEN 00:24:12
Mike WELSBY 00:24:51
Anna WATKIN 00:25:00
Carolyn KNOTT 00:27:55
Jo GIBSON 00:28:22
Colin MONEYPENNY 00:29:07
Jim GARVEY 00:29:55
Samantha BENTALL 00:30:30
Rachel RICK 00:35:18

Mile End parkrun

Carolyn HOLT 00:25:51

Ormeau parkrun

Andrew LESLIE 00:19:19

Ormskirk parkrun

Gill DARBY 00:24:36
Sam DARBY 00:25:05

Re: November Results & Race Report

Benidorm Half Marathon 23rd November

Lyndon Easthope 1.35.40
John Bampton 1.36.46
Keith Boyle 1.59.32
Eunice Nopondo 2.07.51
Tommy Gates 2.22.29

Another superbly organised Benidorm Half, excellent value for money. Ideal running conditions, slightly overcast. Tough course with an incline at 1 and a half miles and an energy sapping uphill section from about seven til eight and a half miles. Tommy was struggling with injury from halfway but dug in and managed to complete the course.
Great weekend away with almost thirty runners from PLS, Knowsley Harriers, Liverpool Running Club and Mossley Hill completing the Half or 10k.
My fifth year on the trot and think I might just do it all again next year!

Re: November Results & Race Report

Lanzarote Half Marathon & Marathon 29 November


Weather horrendous and Airport closed.

Things can only get better.

Re: November Results & Race Report

Wesham 10K

Paul Doyle 170. M50/14. 47.13

Michael Roberts 305. M55/27. 54.41

408 runners took part in a race almost identical to the Lea Town 10K; rural, undulating fast course. Ran in perfect conditions: clear, extremely mild for the end of November & pleasant warm sunshine. Well marshalled from very supportive Wesham marshalls.

Re: November Results & Race Report

British Athletics Cross Challenge Liverpool (Sefton Park)
Sat 29th November

131. Martin Swensson 33:06
214. Neil Bullock 36:41

Doubled up as the L&D 2nd race. Winner home in 29:26! Surprisingly tough twisting course, but very grateful for the great PLS support throughout (you know who you are!)

Re: November Results & Race Report

29.11.14 - Hare & Hounds 5 mile race Glasgow

127 David Cain 35:17
185 Susan Cain 43:27

210 runners.

This was a 2 lap hilly race (even by Cumbrian standards). It was quite rough under foot in a lot of places and you had to go fast past the car wash otherwise you got a free shower!

Re: November Results & Race Report

Parkrun round up from 29th November

South Manchester parkrun

Hannah BRUCE 00:21:54

Princes parkrun

Dan THOMAS 00:18:42
John JENSEN 00:19:57
Richard THORPE 00:20:11
David QUINN 00:21:03
David GRIFFITHS 00:21:25
Gregory HOCKING 00:21:51
Darren MCCARTNEY 00:21:57
Stephen WATKIN 00:22:06
Mike ROXBURGH 00:22:39
Paul RILEY 00:22:58
Michael O'ROURKE 00:23:00
Michelle KING 00:23:03
Craig HAWLEY 00:23:10
Emma KEARNEY 00:24:06
Mike WELSBY 00:24:41
Robert COOPER 00:24:55
Steven MAGUIRE 00:25:03
Helen OSBORNE 00:25:10
Anna WATKIN 00:25:12
Esther VAN GINNEKEN 00:25:14
Kate MACFARLANE 00:25:56
Samantha BENTALL 00:26:12
Anne OXBROUGH 00:26:47 *parkrun PB*
Eunice NOPONDO 00:26:58 *parkrun PB*
Anna SCOTT 00:27:52 *parkrun PB*
Jo GIBSON 00:29:04
Laura ATKINSON 00:29:42
Liz SIMPSON 00:31:11
Philip MURRAY 00:31:33
Colin MONEYPENNY 00:34:25

Ally Pally parkrun

Debi MCMILLAN 00:37:52

Re: November Results & Race Report

30th November
Arrowe Park XC

1 Martin Swensson U40M
9 Robert Barrows U30M
11 Neil Bullock U30M
13 Dale Higham U40M
20 John Connolly O40M
26 Neil Kelly O40M
37 Christopher Lee U40M
39 Dan Thomas U30M
44 Jay Clarke U30M
46 Andrew Keeley O50M
48 Mitch Hawkins U40M
53 David Owens O40M
55 Robert Bruchez-Corbett U40M
59 Ian Russell O50M
62 Simone Capponi U40M
65 Andrew Leslie U30M
66 Colin Dobbs U40M
86 Julian Tour U40M
87 Phil Macklin U40M
100 Thomas Rimmer U30M
107 Stuart Harrison U40M
116 Michael O'Rourke U40M
120 Rob Hardwick O40M
121 John Bampton O40M
130 Brendan Murphy U40M
135 John Guy U40M
144 Tony Man O45M
166 Mike Sharkey O60M
168 Sam Darby O55M
169 Bill Sergeson O45M

20 Pam Thurtle U40F
23 Kathryn-Adele Sharkey U35F
42 Jane Eardley U40F
44 Oonagh Jaquest U40F
46 Kate MacFarlane U30F
48 Alice Spooner O40F
55 Esther Van-Ginneken U30F
58 Anna Watkin U35F
67 Anne Oxbrough U40F
68 Eunice Nopondo O50F

Men's team finished first and the women's team sixth/

Full results at: