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Membership renewals for 2015-16 season

Membership Renewals! The 1st April may seem a long way off but it will be here before you know it. We have now launched our new online membership registration and payment system and as of now you are able to make your payment and renew your membership in advance for the 2015-16 season. The information and link is on the home page of our website on the right hand side above the Striding Report. Please take the time to read the letter and the guidance notes before going on to the link to renew your membership as any queries you may have should be answered there. New members will now also register and pay through this system too. Thanks! (prepares for deluge of questions and queries)

Re: Membership renewals for 2015-16 season


That was easy, great :-D

Great stuff Chris, well done to you and whoever else has set this up.


Re: Membership renewals for 2015-16 season

By renewing our membership online, do we need to cancel our current standing orders?

I'm all for helping the club out, but I don't want to be paying double fees!

Re: Membership renewals for 2015-16 season

Yes Neil, cancel all existing standing orders with your own bank. I'd do it on mass but the bank won't let me!

All standing orders need to be through the new system or you wont be registered, even if you make a payment via your old order. This is so we capture all member's details in one place and we will be using the system later in the year for events organisation so you won't get the up to date info if you aren't on the system.


Ps. Cheers Simo

Re: Membership renewals for 2015-16 season

That was really simple - thanks for sorting that out. I now also know what to say to prospective members! Well done all for sorting it out.