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Membership Renewals - thank you and offer of support to renew

Ok so moving on from our fun this morning I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has renewed so far through our new online system! When I took over as Membership Secretary and did a count of renewals at the end of June we had 132 confirmed. Today on the first day of the season we already have 171 members fully paid up and registered with us and a further 10 with just payment pending - so 181 in total! That is a fantastic effort from everyone who has renewed so far! For anyone who hasn't yet renewed please can you do so as soon as possible. If anyone is struggling with the system or would like some support with it Mike J Roxburgh​ has kindly offered to have an open evening at his house next Wednesday night the 8th April from 6.30 - 9.00pm. He is happy to take cash that night and register you on the system there and then. Mike - I'm not sure if you want your address up in public so would suggest that people contact you on here or via email to confirm details with you and let you know they intend to call round. Or if Mike is happy to advertise it he can put his address up ads a reply. Thanks again everyone!