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MTCT Race 6 - Walsh Two Lads (11/06/15)

They're coming thick and fast now!

The 6th race in the Multi-Terrain Challenge Trophy 2015-16 season; Walsh Two Lads.

Date: Thursday 11th June 2015
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £5
Distance: Approx 5.25 miles/900ft ascent, cat BS
Location: The Bridge Inn, Bridge Street (off Church Street), Horwich, Lancs, BL6 7BR

Parking is a bit tight on Bridge Street, so either get there early, car share or park in the leisure centre across the road!

Four of us did it last year on a pleasant summer June evening, and really enjoyed it (ask Eunice). So give it a whirl, you don't need to be an expert just plucky and not afraid to roll down a few hills!

Getting there, come off the M61 at J6 and go past the Reebok Stadium, take a left onto the A673 and follow signs for the leisure centre. It should take about 50 mins to get there from Garston, maybe 40mins if you blitz it down the M62!

Re: MTCT Race 6 - Walsh Two Lads (11/06/15)

Don't forget folks that it is TONIGHT!
Allow plenty of time to travel, M62/M60 are currently jammed every night due to the smart motorway update works...
Alternative route's trough Standish but I do not recommend it unless you have a very good sat nav!


Re: MTCT Race 6 - Walsh Two Lads (11/06/15)

Race got cancelled at the last minute!
Literrally coz I already had my bib on me and was warming up
A fire broke up at the top of the pikes, I'm not sure of the details, but we ran up anyway and only saw smoke coming from far away.
Pics to follow, right Paulz?

Back to drawing board now, any idea Andy (MTCT's El Capitan)?


Re: MTCT Race 6 - Walsh Two Lads (11/06/15)

That's the type of excuse I'd expect Lawrence to come up with if he got beaten by another PLS

The old classics like Man V Horse and Race The Train probably won't be doable, as MvH is tomorrow and RTT is day before Two Hillforts.

Came across this one on fellrunner...looked it up because of the name!

Reservoir Bogs Sat 20/06

Seems to be a similar distance and difficulty to Walsh Two Lads.

Re: MTCT Race 6 - Walsh Two Lads (11/06/15)

Good thinking Neil, but "navigational skills required" seems streatching it a bit for those who are just starting at MTCT...
altough the kids race could make it a good family day out!

over to Andy to decide I guess, I think he has a list of reserve races somewhere...