Penny Lane Striders
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10k Roles

Name Position Allocated
1 Michelle Coburn Race Director
2 Tim Warn Course Director
3 Chris Morgan UKA Ajudicator
4 Michelle Cobourn Starter

5 Sarah Nealey Drinks at Finish
6 Peter Pritchard Drinks at Finish
7 Jill Pritchard Drinks at Finish
8 Lyndon Easthope Drinks at Finish
9 Barry Bright Number Collection Entries on the day
10 Kathryn Sharkey Number Collection Entries on the day
11 Marie Motley Number Collection Entries on the day
12 Les Nevin Finish and Time Entries on the day
13 Cath Nevin Finish and Time Entries on the day
14 David Lynan Runner EOD
15 Claire Meadows Runner EOD

16 Anna Watkin Baggage Tent
17 Ste Watkin Baggage Tent
18 Carol Holt Baggage Tent
19 Sarah Nealey Information Desk & Lost Children

20 James Stansfield T-shirts
21 Ruth Fisher T-Shirts
22 Rob Hardwick Lead Bike
23 Jane Hallows Lead Bike
24 Jane Eardley Sweeper Bike

25 Tim Warn Sector 1 Senior Marshal
26 Mike Devereux Marshal
27 Ste Gorman Marshal
28 Luke Harrison Marshal
29 Andrew Biddle Marshal
30 Tim Jones Marshal

31 Tony Man Sector 2 Senior Marshal
32 Neil Hannett Marshal
33 Mal Taylor Marshal
34 Matt Tollitt Marshal
35 Martin Swensson Marshal
36 Graeme Beardsmore Marshal
37 Liz Lynan Marshal

38 Eamonn Brady Sector 3 Senior Marshal
39 Lesley Finnih Marshal
40 Jo Bruchez Corbett Marshal
41 Louise Watson Marshal
42 Keith Peacock Marshal
43 Sharon Samson Marshal

44 Chris Lee Sector 4 Senior Marshal
45 Andrew Leslie Marshal
46 Neil Bullock Marshal
47 John Jensen Marshal
48 Ben Freeney Marshal
49 Andy Cantwell Marshal
50 Alex Cowin Marshal

51 Charlie Stanway Sector 5 Sector Marshal
52 Marc Goudie Marshal
53 Dale Higham Marshal
54 Steve Maguire Marshal
55 Andy Bates Marshal
56 Tom King Marshal

57 Myka Heard Water - Otterspool Drive - Coordinator
58 Lauren McQueen Water - Otterspool Drive
59 Daniel Coonan Water - Otterspool Drive
60 Charlotte Rawcliffe Water - Otterspool Drive
61 Joanne Harrison Water - Otterspool Drive
62 Katie Johnson Water - Otterspool Drive
63 M O'Rourke Water - Otterspool Drive
64 Debi McMillan Water - Otterspool Drive
65 Danielle Leahey Water - Otterspool Drive
66 Trish Dudley Water - Otterspool Drive
67 Shane Knott Water - Otterspool Drive
68 Carolyn Knott Water - Otterspool Drive
69 Rebecca Johnstone Water - Otterspool Drive

Re: 10k Roles

What time do we need to meet?

Re: 10k Roles

Can't. See my name but still available if required

Re: 10k Roles

I'd like the sector marshals and water station helpers to meet at the Police Club at 8.30am please, and on arrival to report to their senior marshal for instructions. I guess 8.30am will be ok for all other helpers at the Police Club site but perhaps Michelle/Sarah could confirm.
Tommy, I can use you in sector 1 unless Sarah has already allocated you a job elsewhere.
Many thanks

Re: 10k Roles

Note for Sector 2 Marshals. My number is 07984 247 434. Let me know if you are unable to attend.
We will be marshalling at the bottom of Mersey Road by the small roundabout. There is also a car park there as the police club car park may get busy. The police club is only a 5 minutes walk. If I am not around at the police club then I will be setting up our area or I will be at the cafe! Thanks and see you all on Sunday.
Tony Man

Re: 10k Roles

Am available if required

Re: 10k Roles


I am available to help either day before or on the morning. My contact number is 07734 973069.


Re: 10k Roles

Hi Trevor
I've sent you a text