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30th anniversary relay, 18 july

To mark our 30th year we will be holding a relay run at sefton park sat 18 july 12pm

Teams of 4

handycap format. for a team to get a handycap all must have registered a 5k time as a fully paid up member from today to the start of last season. for those who are members but cannot meet this criteria there is no need to miss out on what should be a memorable fun day as we will have a timed run.

bring the family/kids

snaks/refreshments provided

best cake competition for our cake lovers and bakers

Dont miss this. simply get your teams of 4 named on here or on the pls facebook thread before 1 july

Re: 30th anniversary relay, 18 july

just getting this to the top folks. teams need to be posted by july 1st dont miss out