Penny Lane Striders
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10k - Thank You!

Thank you very much to those of you who supported our race today. The marshals receive well deserved praise and credit every year and this year is no different. You are all a credit to Penny lane Striders!

If you do have any feedback you'd like me to know about, please email me. I struggle to get to club these days.

Thank you again

Re: 10k - Thank You!

Big thank you to everyone who turned up this morning to make the race go so smoothly. The whole thing ran like clockwork and that's only because of the hard work of the race committee and those involved in the organisation behind the scenes and on the day, so well done and thanks to all involved.

Re: 10k - Thank You!

I I will be at the club on Tuesday night with the remainder of the t shirts and also some Gells,so if you marshalled please be at the club. Thank you all for your support and to help make our 10k such a great race.