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Stepping down

As some of you may know I stepped down as captain at the AGM. I have been training away from the club a lot so thought it was time to pass on the baton. I will be competing for penny lane striders for at least the remainder of the season.
I have given the job 100% commitment and considered it an honour and a privelidge to represent penny lane as captain. I have been lucky enough to be captain while we have had some great success. The relays last year were memorable. We had big attendances and you could sense the team spirit black and white vests everywhere cheering each other on with great results. We had our A team finish 3rd Mersey club in the the 4,6,12 stage claiming Mersey medals in the 4 . Mersey medals at the fell champs and of course the NWSCCL title which was fantastic, the celebrations were a blast
Thanks to everyone for the support from G5 to G1. Younhave made me feel valued in the role. Thanks to all the lads who turned up in wind, rain, snow, travelling miles, some half fit, posponing family celebrations, etc etc to do their bit for the team
Thanks to the committee it's been great working with you
And a big welcome to Andy Leslie our new skipper

Re: Stepping down

Thanks for everything Dale, 2014 and 2015 are the best times I've had as a runner – I doubt they’ll ever be repeated!

Re: Stepping down

I will second what John said. Thanks for the help and encouragement in my first season as a strider my improvement over them months was down to the belief and encouragement you gave me. Don't think I will ever top the moment we won the medals at 4 stage road relay! Proud!!

Re: Stepping down

Dale, what a fantastic way to go!
Winning the xc league's got to be my highlight, altough I didn't play any notable part in it...
And the celebration of it obviously! ;-D

I wish you the best in your next adventure matey!


Re: Stepping down

Good luck mate. I'd echo these comments. Don't think the club has had as good a skipper in many a long year. You have led from the front. You'll be hard to replace but you've left it in the hands of a good man

Re: Stepping down

You've done a great job Dale. Encouraging other runners with their training and racing ( and PB chasing !) raising the profile of the club in the local running community, leading us to some great team performances on the roads and cross country!

Just a few examples from recent xc campaigns:

Supporting the club at Stadt Moers on a freezing cold day in December even when you couldn't run yourself due to injury.

Racing for the the club while still recovering from injury at Beacon Park.

Encouraging runners who have moved away from the area to continue competing for the club, even putting them up in your own house over the weekend so they could race for the club.

Sorting out a club tent for us all to get changed and keep our kit dry in the rain.

Buying enough champagne to fill the Sunday League xc trophy several times over!!

Could list many, many more...

All done with good humour and bags of enthusiasm.

Thanks for all your great work Dale.