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Club vests

The new order of club vests arrived this morning, so anyone who has been waiting on one of the out of stock sizes can now get hold of one. I'll be taking them to the remaining Tour of Merseyside races and then next Tuesday's Mystery 5k.


Re: Club vests

I need to buy a club vest this Tuesday! No idea what size I am though!
Also - are there any 10k PLS t-shirts left over from this year? I'd love to buy one if so!

Re: Club vests

Elinor, sorry all 10k T Shirts have gone,get to the club and they will sort your vest size out.

Re: Club vests

Hi John,

I wondered if you are at The Mystrey 5Km on Tuesday this week, if you are can you bring a large running vest and a large Black Penny Lane Striders Tee Shirt.