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Message for Michelle - PLS 10k Race Director

Michelle, there was a mix up with the mens team prizes at our club 10k. The prizes were awarded to Wirral AC when they should have gone to Liverpool Harriers with four highest placing/ fastest runners.

I was racing over on the Wirral on Wednesday and the Wirral AC lads gave me the prizes to pass on to Liverpool Harriers. I'll bring them to the Mystery 5k next Tuesday and hand them over to one of the coaches at the Harriers who can make sure they get given to their four runners who counted for their team in our race.

The results may need correcting too, to reflect the correct winning mens team.

Hope that's all ok.

Many thanks


Re: Message for Michelle - PLS 10k Race Director

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the message. This has all been dealt with already. You are the lucky messenger with the money. The Hon Sec from Wirral emailed me to say he'd handed it to you. I hadn't seen your message.
can you please pass the money to a committee member who can give it to someone to get it banked? We've already awarded the Harriers. Thank you!

Re: Message for Michelle - PLS 10k Race Director

Thanks Michelle. Will do.