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New to PLS? Join the Cross Country Team!

Have you recently joined Penny Lane? Want to try your hand at cross country?

Cross country is brilliant! You get to run around in mud (and you're a grown up now so no one will tell you off), chocolates at the end of the race and later sandwiches and biscuits with a cuppa while you wait for the results.

Where do I sign up? I hear you ask. Look no further, for I can facilitate that for you.

Give me your name and dob and I will get you on the results database.

Then all you have to do is turn up on race day, run your socks off, pick up a position token at the end and bask in the glory of a good job done for your team.

Everyone contributes because every position counts by pushing the other teams down the line. It is a true team effort. So don't delay, sign up today!