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Finalised xc dates for 16-17 season

Finalised dates for xc season plus a few words of wisdom from our chair John Cheetham:

October 23 Penny Lane Striders at Clarkes Gardens
November 13 Skelmersdale B H at Beacon Park
December 4 Liverpool R C at Walton Hall Park
December 18 Pensby Runners at Arrowe Park
January 22 Warrington R R at Town Park, Runcorn
February 19 Spectrum Striders at Forest Park Birchwood

All races start at 10.00 o'clock.
First claim members only.
Club vests must be worn.

Guests are welcome but must not proceed along finish funnel or take a finishing token.

I would like to welcome Widnes Running Club, Weaver Warrior Tri and Northwich Running Club to the League for the new season.

Re: Finalised xc dates for 16-17 season

By popular demand, I bring this up and I add few more dates for you mud thirsty vampires ;D

Liverpool&District league:

29.10 Arrowe Park
26.11 Sefton Park
10.12 Beacon Park - Skelmerdale
05.02 Clarkes Gardens

Merseyside County Champs:

07.01 Sherdley Park - St. helens

North of England Champs

28.01 Knowsley Safari Park

National Champs

25.02 Nottingham

For any more info, please see the calendar

Should be enough to keep you warm all winter ;D


Re: Finalised xc dates for 16-17 season

Does anyone have any space in their car for the 13th. I will gladly make a contribution to petrol costs

Re: Finalised xc dates for 16-17 season

Hey Billy,

Jump in with us, can sort arrangements in the week.

We are just en-route to Mansfield for XC relay's must be radio rental ...

Catch up soon,

Re: Finalised xc dates for 16-17 season

Cheers Eunice, I will speak to you in the week 😊