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English Cross Country Relays

So here it is...all you mud thirsty lot!!

English Cross Country Relays
Berry Hill Park
Saturday 5th November 2016

The Senior Men's event consists of 4 legs per team and each club can enter up to three full teams. The Senior Women's event consists of 3 legs, and again, clubs can enter up to three full teams.

Helen, Andrew and I are looking into transport solutions to ensure that all interested parties are able to travel to and from the venue in safety and with the fun element enhanced by the possibility of a good ol' fashioned CharraBang!

The Senior events are towards the end of the afternoon, with the final event being the Men's race which starts at 2:40pm.

There is another scheduled event, the Northern XC Relays in Sheffield on 22nd October. We have decided not to enter any teams in this event as it clashes with an event in the ORC and is also the day before our home fixture in the XC Sunday League. Anything that could take away interest, support or participation in these two existing events would not be in the best interest of the club.

If you are interested in the Mansfield event, please reply to this message. All entries must be sub,titled before the deadline of October 14th.


Re: English Cross Country Relays

I would like to take part if I am not in disgrace....otherwise I would like to come along anyway and cheer on the team. Those brownies won't eat themselves!

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Can you put me on one of the teams please.

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Can I bump this back to the top to see if I can wiggle up some more interest from the troops!

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Should be another great PLS day out,I would like to be included.Thanks.

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Can John Bampton and I be included to represent our brilliant club please Andy
Many Thanks,

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Here are the names for the Men's Teams for the English XC Relays on November 5th:

Phil Riding
Neil Bullock
Richard Costain
Marc Goudie
James Malone
Jay Clarke
Michael Devereux
John Bampton

Can you let me know as soon as possible if your availability has changed for this event as I will be sorting the travel arrangements, and making entries today and tomorrow?


Re: English Cross Country Relays

Here is the list for the women's team entries -

Helen Osborne
Sarah Richards
Sarah Jackson
Pam Thurtle
Charl Sanderson
Lauren Wilson
Rachel Stead
Cristina Puccini
Eunice Nopondo

Reserve/Maybe - Claire Meadows

As Andy, I'll be entering teams tomorrow so if anyone can't make it now please let me know asap. The women's entries are limited to 3 teams of 3.

Re: English Cross Country Relays

What's the plan / arrangements for this?

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Hi Neil,
We were hoping to secure a minibus but unfortunately there are none suitable available for this date so we will have to organise lift shares leaving from Garston Lifestyles at 10.15am (it will take approx 2.5 hours to get there and women's race starts at 2.05pm but we'll need time to pick up numbers, put up tent, etc).

As we were planning to pay for the minibus, we will reimburse any drivers for petrol as it's not just a trip down the road as usual races. I have 3 potential drivers from the women racing and I'm just going to put a post up on facebook too to ask for anyone else who can drive.

Re: English Cross Country Relays

Hi Helen,

Thamks for looking after your team today ladies captain.
Good job - it was a cracking experience on a brisk winter's day...

Take care