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Hello All,

I am new to Pumas, having acquired the bright green '81 GTI from Jamie Spenceley this past summer. I have installed a 2275 cc motor, and am looking for brake and suspension upgrades. I have a BMW 2002 track car with Wilwood brakes, and would like to get a set for the Puma. They are pretty easy to obtain, but I would like to keep the stock 14" wheels and none of the sellers I have asked knows if there is enough clearance, and if they work with 4-bolt rotors. Does anyone have experience with this combination? Are there any other 4-piston caliper brake sets out there that work with Puma wheels?

I am also interested in suspension upgrades but haven't looked into that very deeply. If you have any suggestions, please post them.


Re: Brakes

You don't tell us what is currently on the car. The Puma is so light that it does not take much to stop it in a hurry. I used stainless steel brake lines all around. The rears are Type 3 drums with wider shoes than typical Bug brakes. I assume yours has a swing axle transmission. If so one of the camber compensators would help. Many have lowered the front using good quality lowering spindles (avoid Empi). Try to avoid making the suspension much stiffer than it already is. The ride quality deteriorates quickly.
Best regards,

Re: Brakes

I have fit CB Performance rear discs without an interference with the stock 14" wheels. I did have some front wheel clearance issue when running drop spindles so I returned to stock spindles and just a slight drop using beam adjusters. Rear suspension was changed from swingaxle to IRS, I cannot comment on any difference in handling as I never drove this car with the swingaxle installed.

Re: Brakes

T hanks for the input. The front brakes look to be fairly new aftermarket calipers, but I don't know what the originals look like, so I am not certain about their origin. One is sticky and will have to be addressed. I will probably try the Wilwoods, and will report on them if successful. Have any of you tried sway bars?

Thanks again.

Re: Brakes

My 81 GTC came with a front sway bar.

Art did Jamie say anything about Puma stickers when you got the car? Jamie had some reprints done and I am trying to get one for my fan shroud.

Re: Brakes

The 14 inch wheel limit you in several aspects. has a Wilwood set but you will have to check on fitment. The Puma came with a stock sway bar but if you want to go bigger you will have to do a little clearance work on the trunk fiberglass. Finally I will agree with the others and highly recommend a camber limiter system for the swing arm system that will keep you out of the ditch. Good luck with you ride and check out the site and post some photos.