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South African built Puma cars

Hi all,

Has anyone made contact with the South African production facility for Puma Cars, or tried importing them into USA?

They are the last surviving producer of Puma cars.

Interested to hear your opinions.

Re: South African built Puma cars

Hi Daryl
I live in Pretoria, and two of my sons have Pumas, 1974 and 1989 models. The Puma factory is about 40 km away.

As far as I am aware the factory is up for sale. The owners name is Jack Wijker and his mobile number is +27 72118 3470. He is now 85 years old and is looking to retire, quite a remarkable guy. The sale would include all the body shell moulds and around 15 finished and semi finished vehicles.

He is however still exporting parts to various puma clubs around the world and has sent cars to German clients recently.

I have many photos of his production facility and will forward these if of interest.
John Derbyshire

Re: South African built Puma cars

I live in Holland and bought parts in the past. Totally relyable company with friendly people. Shame it's now for sale.

Are you still looking to buy one?

Gr Dennis

Re: South African built Puma cars

Hi Dennis,

I am in the throes of buying the factory and looking to set up distributors.


Re: South African built Puma cars

Looking to buy the company? Where are you located? Hope you do and be succesfull. Thee are soms German enthousiasts who may want to sell parts.

Re: South African built Puma cars

I would love another Puma.
I had one for 17 years. It was a 1974 model 1
I drove it till the floorboards showed the road.
It was initially yellow then Flipflop white.
Where can I get one now??

Re: South African built Puma cars

Hi Harriet
If you were interested in importing a new one have a look at and maybe try contacting Jack Wijker at the number above. He has exported cars previously. Jack also restores some of the local Pumas and may be able to source a second hand unit for you if required.
I am not sure as to Darryl's progress in purchasing the factory at this stage.

Re: South African built Puma cars


Are there any Pumas FOR SALE on the market.

I had one bought in 1974 which I drove for 17 years.

I would love to have one again.

How much are they now?

Kind regards


Cape Town